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Making Social Media Work for Your Business

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 1

It’s fact that a lot of businesses fail at social media marketing and in the current digital climate, they really can’t afford to do so.

Social media is dominating marketing strategies for companies all over the world and if you’re not engaging customers and reaching a potential audience, you may struggle to survive.

From buying Facebook event attendees to choosing the perfect platform for you, check out a list of how you can make social media work for your business.

Choose Your Platforms

Choosing which social media platform your business is going to be on is something that needs a bit of thought.

Each social platform has a different audience and purpose but it’s important to secure your social media handle to avoid any issues or confusion in the future.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is mostly used by professionals and is, therefore, best for B2B. This means LinkedIn is mostly used for company news and updates, not customer service or light-hearted content.

Facebook – Facebook is by far the largest platform ideal for lead generation with a specific advertising aspect which allows you to target your audience, create Facebook events and schedule your content.

Twitter – Twitter is by far the most intimate social media platform so therefore is best used to announce news, important messages and can be a great customer service provider. Twitter can be really engaging, funny and ideal for those looking to conduct outreach quickly.

Instagram – Instagram is an image and video focused social platform that works great for bars, restaurants, retail companies and anyone who has some great content to share. Instagram is a fantastic way to showcase new products in an informal manner.

How to make social media work for your business

Buy Facebook Likes From a Trusted Platform

Buy Facebook Likes is a great way for new and existing companies and individuals to boost their social media presence on Facebook.

There are a number of reasons why you should buy Facebook likes, the most common is to help your business succeed on the very busy network that is Facebook.

Buying Facebook likes can help your business to appear more established and successful which will in turn make your business appear more reliable and trustworthy.

In short, buying Facebook likes can be a great foundation for your business Facebook account.

Buy Facebook Event Attendees for Increased ROI

Facebook is the perfect platform to host your event and gauge your audience.

Facebook events are a great way to create excitement around your event but if the public aren’t engaging in your event (liking, commenting or clicking interested/going) then you event may quickly be buried amongst all of the other Facebook content.

The more people who click ‘interested’ or ‘attending’ on your event, the more others will be encouraged to attend. This is called herd behaviour or more simply put, following the crowd.

One way you can increase your Facebook attendee’s is to buy Facebook event attendees. Choose from 50 to 1,000 event attendees for your event from either the UK, USA or international.

These real-life Facebook attendees help to make your Facebook event stand out from the crowd and will beat Facebook’s new algorithm so it gets seen more by the public which therefore increases your visibility and success of your Facebook event.

Buy Facebook event attendees is a great way to showcase your event.


Engage in Conversation

There is a big difference between using social media to talk to your audience and using social media to talk with your audience.

When it comes to businesses using social media, it is important to engage your followers and wider audience. Without engagement, you’re simply talking at people which isn’t productive.

Talking with your audience is one of the huge benefits of social media so if you’re not embracing it…why are you on social platforms?

You should b generating conversations, replying to comments, asking questions in your posts and posting really engaging content. Social media allows customers or potential customers to get to know your brand on a personal level, the public love it when they get a direct response from a real person instead of waiting days for an automated email. Social media platforms can help to build your customer service reputation and reviews can help this too.

Incentivise Your Audience

Everyone loves a freebie or competition and social media competitions are the perfect way to get your brand or product recognised by the public.

Incentivising your audience can increase your reach, improve your follow count and get people talking about your brand. You don’t have a give away a huge amount and it doesn’t necessarily have to be your product or services you’re giving away it can be unrelated or something that is trending.

From ‘like us on Facebook for free popcorn’ or ‘10% off if you share this post’ all the way up to ‘like, comment and share to win 2 Justin Bieber tickets’, there are plenty of ways to incentivise your audience.

If your page is in need of positive reviews, the same concept can be applied, basically whatever the incentive, it is usually worth it to gain a bigger following.