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10 Really Good Reasons To Start An Online Video Business

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 20

If you are not the typical job person and want to start your own business, you will probably be wandering through ideas about which business to start. When you are creative and passionate, an online video business is a perfect business to invest in today’s world. Handsome income, connection with a vast online community, working with passion, creating rich content, free from all the office boredom, you can dream about having these with online video business. These are also true for famous youtube or Hollywood stars, but it’s the reality for all successful video owners. Ready to give this a thought? Here are ten solid reasons to start an online video business:

1.The video business is a multidimensional world

In the past decades, the internet changed our world. Now videos are an absolute necessity in our daily lives, whether its business or entertainment. When you are ready to start an online video business, it can take any platform. You don’t have to be a performer or artist if you don’t want to be an entertainer. You can make or record videos for others or edit others’ videos and make it quality content. These video editing websites like viddedit are booming right now. Also, there are many categories you can work with, both in entertainment or the corporate world.

2.The Never-ending demand for videos

If you are in the video business and deliver quality content, you’ll never be out of work. In today’s world, no matter how much video is present online, people always want more and fresh. According to Forbes, 80% of all consumer internet traffic is consumer internet video traffic. Facebook generates 8billion video views per day. If you work hard and promise to deliver the quality content consumers want, you’ll forget the word ‘recession.’


The online video business is one of the very few businesses that need the lowest investment to start. You don’t need a concrete office, trade license, or raw materials.unlike other businesses, your work, communication with customers, or products can be entirely virtual. With a laptop or smartphone, some software, and your creativity, you can jump-start an online video business anytime.


You are your boss now. You can create content whenever you like, for whoever you like or whatever you like. You don’t have to compromise your creative capacity. Total control over your content will give you great professional satisfaction. Also, you can work from anywhere. Not being bound to any place or any contract gives you the freedom you don’t usually get from any other business or job.

5.Highly profitable

According to the wall street journal, If a site includes a video on its landing page, its conversion rate increases by 80%! Also, after watching a video commercial, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy that product. So, videos in the marketing and corporate world are incredibly demanding. And if you can create your own Netflix based platform, your average monthly income can be more than $5000. With the right business model, anyone can dominate this field like Netflix.

6.The quickest way to start a business

As online video business can be completely virtual and requires low equipment and investment, you can start your business as quickly as possible. Moreover, today’s technologies have made it even faster. You don’t need to be an expert coder to create your website to launch the video streaming business. There’s no need to start from scratch. Clone scripts of proper video streaming sites and applications have made starting an online business much easier for new entrepreneurs.

7.Earning passively

One of the biggest advantages of being the owner of your own video business is earning while staying passive. Option to subscribe to SVOD or SUbscription Video On Demand has made this passive income possible. You don’t need to be on the site when a customer subscribes. You could be asleep while you make money. You can also add advertisements to your site or in your videos to earn money passively. It allows the owner to give more in improving and developing content.

8. Having a huge online community that supports your passion

When you invest your time and skill in creating good quality content, you’ll eventually have your own fan base or supporters. This will bring a strong sense of community. Bringing people together by something you are passionate about is something you don’t get everywhere. And this sense of community implores people to go beyond entertainment and to join in, interact.

Also, when you’ll have encouragement from all of those who support you, doing business would be a pleasure.    

9. You can have unlimited customers

Online videos are such a global thing that can be consumed anywhere, anytime. This allows a video business owner to have unlimited customers. If you create content that meets people’s demands or interests, people will buy your service from anywhere. Moreover, there’s no limit to how many people can be your customer. 

10.Monetizing your supporters or customers

You can expand your business to any platform. Your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. After establishing a strong stand in the online video business world, you’ll have a massive number of supporters or fans. Using this privilege by Creating an alternate revenue stream will be a smart business move. According to Statista, 70% of the ‘StarWars’ revenue came from follow-on products such as merchandise or video games. Successful companies create franchises. 

The online video business is an appealing and futuristic business idea for new entrepreneurs. Today’s world is entirely ready for it. So, now is the prime time to start it and create your own thriving business.