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10 Things to Know Before Playing on an Online Casino

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 20

With the Gambling industry thriving at an all-time high and Online Casinos provoking more interest than ever before, the winning possibilities they provide are endless. Whilst the bright lights of the Casino Kings scene stretch from Las Vegas and Macau all the way to South Africa, Online Casinos combine the largest array of games, bonuses and promotions to give you even more for your time and money.

Despite this, the world of Online Casinos can often be overwhelming and perplexing. With such a wide range of Online Casino games available winning is not always straightforward. Understanding the different types of betting, whether that be sports betting on websites such as Betopin, or gambling on online casinos playing games with other players – knowing your limits is very important. Skill, dedication and pure potluck can sometimes impact your performance. With that said, there are ways to raise the stakes and hit the jackpot!

Having some additional knowledge of how Online Casinos work prior to playing will give you the instant boost you need to ensure success! Perhaps you’re a new player looking to make sense of your online casino confusion? Eager to brush up your existing knowledge? Or a casino connoisseur throwing it back to basics? Whatever the case may be, these 10 tips will help you play your cards right!

1. What Is an Online Casino and How Do They Actually Work?

An online casino is an internet-based mechanism of gambling, allowing players to play within a virtual environment. Participants play with an online host, sometimes also have live dealers, and can gamble against other players in live, real-time bets, however playing with real money is optional. Web-based casinos use random number generators to certify each card dealt and spins of the reels on the machines are decided by chance. With that said, performing your good luck dance 5 minutes prior to your gambling session, nor digging out that lucky shirt from 2006 will single handedly make you win. So, sit back and enjoy the game. Remember, less stress leads to better decisions!

2. Do Your Research

Research, research, research! Some online casinos may be illegitimate and involved in scams. Before joining an online casino or depositing any money, it’s important to make sure they’re reputable and fully licensed. Lots of highly reputable online casinos exist; do read up on their reviews from both customers and spectators, before signing up. Ensure you’re confident in the sites legitimacy before moving forward! Once you are done with the research, you can look for minimum deposit casinos like those in Canada, as a good starting point. Casinos that are licenced by Kahnawake Gaming and have a $1 Minimum deposit; this might be of interest to those who are a beginner in the field.

3. Free Versions

Unlike other gambling partners, Online Casinos offer free forms of games. This is a massive bonus for any novice newbies! Maximize these free opportunities to get your skills up and get some experience before depositing and playing with your own money. Avoid risks and try out fun free spins too! Companies like also offer free spins and other prizes just for giving your email address! Take full advantage of these freebies.

4. Take Advantage of Bonuses

There are multiple online casinos out there competing for your business. Bonuses are obtained through depositing a certain amount of money or become valid after a specific time period. Some online casinos may offer multiple bonuses and provide numerous winning opportunities. Promotions, tournaments and memberships may also offer other prizes to players. New members are often entitled to specials and bonuses meaning it’s important you shop around sites like to find the best bonus. YOU as the gambler hold the power here! So, make sure you take advantage of this.

5. Open Your Account

Before joining, Online Casinos require you to open an account. This will act as your personal profile, allowing you to navigate the bets you’ve placed and deposit your money. This process requires you to enter personal information, such as your bank details. Ensure your card information matches the name of the person on the account for this to be valid.

6. Set Yourself A Budget

Yes, you want to win money, but how affectively you budget your existing money is just as important! Make the most of the money you do have and utilize the online budgeting tool. Not only is this an excellent way to track your performance, wins and losses, you are also able to set a daily, weekly and monthly limit on your online casino expenditure. So why not be smart?

7. Making A Deposit

There are multiple ways you can make a deposit at an Online Casino. From Credit Card to Wire Transfer some sites offer over 20 different methods for you to deposit money from your account. Before making your first deposit you should be aware of the sites accepted deposit methods, any minimum deposit requirements and exchange rates. Check on these rules and regulations first to avoid unpleasant surprises!

8. Withdrawing Winnings

Despite the fact there’s no guarantee you’ll win, knowing how to withdraw your money in advance makes it easier for you if you do happen to win. Some withdrawals may come with a fee or have limits placed upon monthly withdrawal amounts. Let’s be honest, paying fees to withdraw your winnings isn’t ideal, especially if the fees are super high! You don’t want to end up paying out more than your winnings are worth just to receive the money. Not all sites charge withdrawal fees, and some may only apply to certain payment methods. When possible make one single withdrawal instead of multiple in order to reduce fees. Keep this in mind from the get-go to avoid a complicated cash out.

9. Can I Really Win?

With all Online Casinos gambling is a risk. It’s important to be realistic when entering the gambling world and acknowledge it’s unlikely you will win every single time. With that said, it is possible to win big in Online Casinos and plenty of success stories exist as proof of that. Through playing well and choosing the right strategy you can improve your chances of winning and optimize your gambling experience.

10. Be Wary of Addiction

Intended to be exciting, entertaining and enjoyable, for some gambling can become an addiction and result in bankruptcy, debt and several other problems. Taking regular breaks from gambling online will help to refresh your mindset and defer you from making any rash decisions that you might later regret. Above all, the most important gambling rule to remember is that you should NEVER play with money you cannot afford to lose! Gambling is designed to be fun and results are best when you’re the most collected version of yourself.