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11 Creative Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 31

Your child’s room will always be full of memories and milestones. Let’s face it, kids grow way too quickly. Which makes designing a kids bedroom rather challenging. The possibilities for imagination, inspiration, and growth are endless.

We know kids grow and change fast – and so do their preferences. Here are some design ideas that your children can grow into, not out of.

11 Unique Kids Bedroom Designs

1. Timeless

The best place to start when designing a kid’s bedroom is with the furniture. Ageless and multi-purpose pieces will travel far. A cozy daybed and classic antiques paired with neutral design elements create a solid footprint. A timeless design concept makes for an investment for momentums to be passed through generations. Try for sturdy, well made pieces that can last your child for more than a season.

2. Playful

There’s no such thing as having too much fun. Create a vibrant energy by incorporating primary colors or hand painted artwork. Add bunk beds, a hanging chair, or paint a chalkboard wall for a full range of creativity. Turn that boring old bunk bed into a treehouse getaway. Spray paint small toy animals or dinosaurs and attach them as drawer pulls.

3. Sophisticated

A mature bedroom design can create a serene space for kids that want to feel more grown up. You can blend classic pieces such as a steamer trunk with a soothing color palette. A Scandinavian inspired bed frame, desk, and reading nook would be perfect additions for your kids bedroom to feel more sophisticated.

4. Neutral

If your kids are sharing a room, designing can be tricky. A neutral concept is the way to go. Subtle and cohesive elements will make it easier to have equal amounts of space for your kids to express their personalities. A neutral design will also simplify transformations for upgrades as your kids grow. A minimalistic look is a great way to avoid a cluttered kids room.

5. Vintage

Bring a contemporary charm into your kids bedroom by going to flea markets, antique shops, and auctions. You can find old storefront signs or maybe a fun upcycle project to add even more memories into the design. Try an iron bed frame or incorporate any rustic furniture. Vintage doesn’t have to be frilly. Vintage sports pennants and nature prints will charm your little slugger.

6. Artistic

Build a creative sanctuary with charming colors and industrial furniture. Include a painting nook close to the window with cohesive storage bins close by to store brushes and paint. Create a statement wall with wallpaper inspired by your child’s favorite book. Hang your little Picasso’s favorite art projects with some baker’s thread and colorful clothespins. To go a step further, you could also look at Abstract paintings for Sale and add even more dimension to a room. This is great if you’re just getting creative with your little one and don’t have many things to hang on the wall just yet.

7. Bold

As full of energy and enthusiasm as your child, a bold look is full of cheerful colors and smooth lines. Consider fun designs, like a play table with hairpin table legs. A set of floating shelves is the perfect way to showcase your budding athlete’s collection of sports memorabilia. Vivid storage cubes become an attractive design element to contain all those legos.

8. Simplistic

Peaceful and soothing – exactly what your little one needs after a busy day. Choose a neutral color pallet with a few pops of their favorite color. A minimalistic style can grow with your kid as they develop new interests. Simplistic doesn’t need to be boring! This popular style has inspired fun wall art, as well as creative use of pattern and texture.

9. Nautical

Is your child sea obsessed? There are so many fun elements for a nautical theme. Crips colors – the traditional navy, red and white – are easy to coordinate. Fun textures, like jute rugs and canvas upholstered seating, will make your kiddos feel like they’re ready to set sail. Throw in some striped totes for toy storage and you’re all set!

10. Handmade

With handmade, your imagination is the limit. Creating your child’s space can even be a bonding experience. Together, you can build a reading nook canopy, a custom climbing wall or a pallet shelves for their artwork. Cross-stitch projects make appealing wall art! Etsy is a great source for one-of-a-kind, handmade bunting and other wall art.

11. Whimsical

Childhood is full of fairy tales. Why not give your kid the castle turret or fairy cave they’ve been dreaming of? Removable wallpaper gives you a hassle-free way to customize your child’s room without the commitment. Look for a scallop pattern to imitate scales – think dragons and mermaids! Fluffy rugs and faux fur throws make a room warm and cozy.

12. Tropical

Whether you’re in sunny California or shivering in Alaska, creating a tropical paradise for your kid is fun and memorable. Include lots of greenery – snake plants are low-light tolerant and will purify the air in your child’s space. Bright colors – yellows, pinks, and greens – will make their room feel like summer vacation every day.