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4 Reasons to Choose Branded Paper Bags with Water-Based Inks

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 25

When you’re looking to order branded paper bags, you’ll have plenty of things on your mind. You have to choose the right material, think about what kind of design to use, weigh up the pros and cons of bulk orders, and decide on the right size. With all those questions buzzing around your brain, there’s one factor you might not consider: the type of ink used to create your design.

There are several options available, but here are just four reasons why you should opt for water-based inks.

  1. Good for the Environment

Many branded bags use plastisol ink, which is made by mixing PVC resin with plasticizer. As you probably already know, anything plastic-based isn’t great for the planet. If you want to go eco-friendly, use water-based inks instead. Made mostly of water, they are about as environmentally-friendly as you get in the ink business. Because they are water-based, no chemicals are required for cleaning up.

  1. Soft to the Touch

How your printing feels isn’t as important as it would be if you were making, say, t-shirts instead of bags, but it’s still nice to strike a premium note by making the printing as soft as possible, and that’s where water-based inks come in. Because they dye the fabric instead of sitting on top of it, you can’t even feel water-based inks when you pass your hand over the material.

  1. Sharper Printing

You’ll naturally want the printing on your branded paper bags to pop, which is another great reason to buy bags that use water-based inks. Since they dye the fabric, water-based inks achieve finer details than most other options. That’s good no matter your design, but it’s especially important if you’re printing words in a smaller type or have a complex logo.

  1. Excellent Longevity

Finally, water-based inks are extremely durable. Again, this comes down to the fact that they dye the fabric instead of sitting on top of it. You want people to keep your bags around as long as possible, and you also want the design to stay clear and sharp for as long as they have them. Water-based inks are clearly the way to go.