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4 reasons why you need to know all of the COSHH symbols

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 24

The COSHH symbols are essential in health and safety and help to protect workers and customers from dangerous substances. The COSHH symbols are often displayed on domestic products and knowing what they mean will reduce the chances of accidents in the future.

In today’s article, we have a look at 4 reasons why you should have a good understanding of the COSHH symbols and where you might find them.

  1. They will help your business stay compliant with its products

When you are producing products for clients or customers you should always bear in mind the potential dangers they may pose when being used, and if these dangers are associated with a specific substance, you will need to include the correct COSHH symbol.

Including the correct COSHH symbol for corrosion on say, a corrosive chemical cleaner will help your company stay compliant with these important regulations. This will help keep you out of legal trouble whilst also keeping your customers and workers safe.

  1. The COSHH symbols help you keep workers safe

The second reason to use the COSHH symbols on the relevant substances is that it will help keep your customers and also workers safe. If an employee is made aware of the dangers of the substance they are using, they are more likely to take precautionary steps. Employers may also wish to research “vision test for employment” as regular eye exams will mean that they can be confident that employees can read the warnings and know the appropriate procedures when using harmful substances. This increases overall safety and reduces the risk of workplace incidents related to COSHH substances.

  1. They provide better safety measures for consumers

In addition to the added safety measures for consumers, the COSHH symbols also transfer the same benefits for customers. If you are providing a chemical or cleaning product, including the necessary COSHH symbols on the packaging will help warm them about any dangers of the substance they are using.

The use of COSHH symbols on products also helps to warn customers of where the product’s substances should and shouldn’t be used. This also helps them work out which items to use, adding to the overall value of the product offered.

  1. You may experience higher productivity with lower employee ill-health

Getting employee productivity right in the workplace requires a multifaceted approach, with work done at both the grassroots and managerial level. If you introduce proper use of the COSHH symbols on materials and areas, you may experience higher employee productivity through better health management. This may be even more so the case as employees look to increase the overall hygiene of the workplace with a view of keeping safe from COVID-19.

Make sure your business uses COSHH symbols wherever applicable

The 4 reasons listed above are just some of the benefits that good display and implementation of the COSHH symbols will give to your business. One of the other challenges is working out where you need to use the COSHH symbols and which ones to use. Make sure you have a good understanding of all the different COSHH symbols as this will help you keep your workers and your customers safe when they use your products or services.