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4 Ways To Save Time At Your Trade Show Stand

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 12

Is anything as valuable as time? One thing is true in life: time really does fly… and there never seems to be enough of it. For this reason, consumers love products and services that help them do things quickly. Because we value our time, we recognize the importance of not wasting it. In the world of exhibiting, the same is also true. Below, we will share a few ways you can save time at your trade show stand.


#1 – For the DIY exhibitor, use a trade show stand that is easy to install.

This may sound quite simple. However, choosing a display that is extremely simple to install is one of the best ways to be successful. Few things are more frustrating than struggling to install your trade show stand before the event. Using a product that can be installed quickly will make preparation less stressful and allow you to be done setting up in a timely fashion.  


Some trade show dealers even offer systems that are inflatable. These systems make the installation process extremely fast and convenient, since all you have to do is press a button. Other types of portable displays can be set up without the need for special tools. The best displays are high quality and durable, yet lightweight and able to pack up small. Speedy set up will afford your team more opportunities to prepare for the event and interact with potential customers.


#2 – For a larger exhibit, take advantage of a professional setup and teardown crew.

Although you may be able to set up most portable displays and inline booths, this is not the case with an island exhibit. For an island exhibit, the best way to experience a fast setup process is to use a professional crew that can get the job done. This offers valuable convenience to your team, since you are able to arrive at your event to an exhibit that is ready to go. It is best to choose a company for installation and dismantling that can also provide storage, shipping, and other services.


#3 – Have an efficient method for collecting attendee information at your trade show stand.

Finally, you can make the most of your time by having an easy method for collecting event attendee information. Take advantage of apps and software that are available to assist you in gathering and managing that information. If you are able to collect attendee information quickly, then you will be able to interact with more attendees throughout the course of the event.


#4 – Obtain all of your products and services from the same company.

The most efficient way to exhibit is by using the same company for all of your exhibiting products and services, including booth accessories, exhibits, I&D, and more. This will create congruity between all of the moving pieces that must come together to make your display unforgettable.


Keep these tips in mind for your next show or event.