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5 Key Elements of a Great Restaurant Interior Design

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 27

People visit a restaurant to eat, but the best and most popular restaurants offer more than great food and a variety of choices; they also boast extraordinary interior design. Prominent interior design and fit out companies in Dubai explain that the design and décor of a restaurant play important roles in customer experience and satisfaction. These elements give patrons the right impression when they enter the establishment and throughout the time they spend there, which then increases the probability that they will return.

To achieve an impressive restaurant interior design, consider these five important elements:

1.    Consistent and obvious theme

Whether you want to renovate your restaurant or are in the stages of opening one, when coming up with the design, consider the concept of your dining establishment first. Is it Italian, French, Asian, casual dining, or fast food? Your restaurant concept should then translate to its interior. This basically means that if you specialize in Japanese cuisine, your restaurant shouldn’t be decorated like an Italian bistro.

The theme of your restaurant should also already be evident when your customers walk in. They should be met with the sights and sounds appropriate to your type of restaurant. In addition, you can make sure your restaurant concept is consistent by matching the look and feel of your establishment with your branding. Your clientele will always tie the two together so ensure that your interior, packaging, menu, advertisements, website, and even the exterior blend well together.

2.    Comfortable interior

Aside from showcasing your concept and brand, your interior design should also prioritize the comfort of your customers. The dining area should be able to accommodate guests comfortably without leaving them feeling cramped. It must also allow the restaurant staff to get around the tables and kitchen freely and without any accidents.

Dividing your establishment into strategic areas can help give your guests some level of privacy (and make them feel more comfortable) while they are dining. Even just one private room for parties will give you a boost in income since you will find people booking the area for family reunions, business meetings, etc. You don’t need to necessarily segregate your restaurant into established zones, especially if you have a small space. As a solution to this, give guests a chance to pick their own section by using movable dividers.

3.    Good lighting

The professionals at Interact Group, a design and fit out company, say that windows will provide your guests with (hopefully) stunning views. But aside from this, windows can do wonders to make your environment more inviting since they give your establishment natural light.

A great restaurant interior should make use of both natural and artificial light to ensure that it is bright enough inside so that customers can read the menu, a book, a newspaper, or documents from the office. However, the lighting should not be too harsh that customers can see the blemishes on the person’s face in front of them.

Using the right lighting fixtures will also help boost the mood in your establishment. For instance, if you want to create a warm feeling, you can use yellow or golden electric lighting. A fireplace and some candles will help establish this ambience, too.

4.    The right use of colors

Colors can also reflect the theme of your restaurant. As such, your establishment’s interior should carry your brand’s official hues. Color perception is connected to emotions, so make sure your restaurant showcases hues that invoke a feeling of joy among your customers.

According to experts, red and yellow are prominent in fast food restaurants since psychologists say these colors stimulate appetite. Fine dining establishments, on the other hand, use blue since it has a calming effect that causes diners to feel more comfortable and satisfied while they are in the restaurant.

5.    Inviting furniture, wares and decor

No customer would want to stay or return to a restaurant with hard chairs and old, dirty-looking tables. Having comfortable chairs and good-sized, appealing tables will be highly effective in inviting patrons and encouraging them to extend their stay and order some dessert or more drinks.

In addition, a great restaurant design trend you can consider, is to offer variety in seating. Include a bar for customers needing a quick bite, tables for the large families or groups, and booths for couples.

The choice of tableware also reflects on the restaurant and should thus be considered in the overall restaurant design. If you want to impress customers, avoid using flimsy and cheap silverware and plates that will give customers the impression that you are serving low-quality food.

Lastly, make sure you choose accessories such as paintings, table covers, centerpieces, and napkins that continue the theme of your décor.

With the number of restaurants in existence today, it can really be tough to stay ahead of the competition. But by serving great food and having a unique dining environment that provides superb customer satisfaction in all aspects, you can have a restaurant that stands out for all the right reasons.


Shane Curran

CEO at Interact Group LLC

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