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5 Online Services Every Entrepreneur Should Know How To Use

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 21

As The Internet of Things moves more and more products and services onto the web, entrepreneurs who run both digital and physical companies are utilizing these streamlined and convenient alternatives to “real” services. These tools are immensely useful and can increase your efficiency and productivity with the click of a button.

You’ll also find that many entries on this list can be utilized, or at the very least, tried out completely free of charge. This is a striking contrast to services in the real world, which don’t offer free trials of any kind, posing a risk to your business.


Arguably the king of cloud storage, Dropbox is a staple in the game and its papers are always together, providing a comprehensive and secure online file backup and sharing solution. This can not only help protect your business against data-destroying attacks such as cryptolockers but also act as a sharing tool that employees can utilize to transfer data between devices without requiring physical drives.

Google Suite

If you don’t have a Google account by now, you’re either living in another era or simply missing out on a ton of useful productivity tools. This includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Analytics, Trends, and a plethora of other services that are free to use for both consumers and business owners.

Want to communicate with clients or set up a group for your employees? Get Hangouts. Need to figure out how sales are looking for the current quarter? Sync up your data with Analytics. Want to subscribe to your favorite cat video uploader? Sign in to YouTube. You get the picture…

Online Banking

There are a striking number of entrepreneurs out there who under-utilize the tools that most online banking services provide. There are usually a variety of services that your bank makes freely available to business owners.

Whether its downloading transactions for the past year, setting up new accounts, checking rates or making transfers, there’s likely something you can be doing cheaper and faster through online banking.

Moneyplate.Com has a variety of posts that detail how each major bank’s online services work. So, even if you’re completely clueless, simply do a bit of reading and you’ll be transferring funds in no time.


Despite its age, Skype is still being constantly serviced by Microsoft and is utilized by almost every major client and partner you’ll encounter in your business. It is still free to use and still allows you to chat with anyone via text, voice, video or a combination of either, at any time with any modern device.


For entrepreneurs who want a more feature-filled, offline alternative to Google’s office applications, Open Office has you covered. Complete write-ups in the document editor, track sales in the spreadsheet and craft your next presentation – all for free.


These five services are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast variety of services available for you to use on your computer. It is possible to reach a point where you can have your entire business online, saving you much needed time and money.