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5 Strategies To Grow Your Business Using Instagram

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 1

When it comes to marketing, graphics and imagery play a significant part. The visual appeal is important to captivate the target consumers. Thus, Instagram serves as a valuable and effective network that if used wisely, can contribute a great deal to your marketing campaign.

Instagram has a huge number of users with the network still expanding swiftly. As there is a vast network of the audience, it is easy to reach out to people and grow your business. Also, people are now driving more towards this platform as opposed to Facebook, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to promote your business.

As with any form of advertising, you need to put forward a strategic plan as to how you can use the network maximally. Some people are under a false impression that Instagram will not be able to produce results when it comes to business. However, you need to be persistent and patient in order to build repute and recognition. It is not as difficult as it may seem to be. Here we have put together a well-thought collection of strategies to help you grow your Instagram.


To begin with, you must be clear in your head as to what you want to achieve on Instagram. Ask yourself these basic questions; what purpose will Instagram serve in my brand marketing? What are the outcomes that I want out of it? Set clear goals and decide who is going to be your target audience and what is it that you need to do to draw them towards your product.

Based on the nature of your business, your Instagram marketing plan must focus on the following objectives:

  • ▪ Improved brand recognition
  • ▪ Better customer involvement and reliability
  • ▪ Highlight the business culture
  • ▪ Visually appealing display of products or services
  • ▪ Build a connected community
  • ▪ Boost sales through traffic

When you set focused, well-defined objectives, it becomes easier to work on the step-by-step strategic plan.


One of the most common reasons why Instagram businesses fail is that people don’t invest enough time in creating a smart profile. When it comes to the display photo, use the brand logo rather than a generic one so that the audience can quickly identify your company. You don’t need to spend on pricey designers; there are plenty of software where you can easily create your posts and photos professional.


Instead of worrying about the followers, work on creating a connected community. Followers won’t necessarily boost up your sales or elevate your promotions. What you need is a promising group of fans who will the serve as your brand sponsors. These people will show their interest by commenting on your posts or getting involved in conversations. In essence, they will increase your brand awareness and recognition helping you a great deal in growing your business. However, if you’re also wanting to increase the following of your business IG page, you can get more instagram followers with Nitreo or other IG growth agencies. Increasing the number of followers you have can improve the awareness and engagement of your business and its Instagram page too.


When it comes to comes to posting content, there is no defined strategy as to how frequent or when exactly you should post. The key here is to do your own trial and testing to see what works the best for you. Once you have established your business profile on Instagram, you should review your statistics religiously as they’ll assist in regulating the content and deciding on things like timings and frequency. Whatever your posting schedule is, make sure that it is consistent. Instead of focusing on the quantity, analyze what brings the maximum traffic to your business account.


Instagram enables you to put around thirty hashtags in a single post. Using hashtags is an interesting way of keeping the buyers hooked on your products and bringing more traffic. Also, the consumers will use the hashtags you created and as a result enhance your Instagram presence. You can come up with a unique branded hashtag to use in all the posts so that your community members know the exact hashtag to use when talking about your products.

To summarize, if you are relying on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for your brand marketing, you are missing out the most up-to-date and effective networking platform- Instagram. It isn’t just for sharing your personal photos or happenings. When used strategically, Instagram serves as an excellent tool to not only gain brand recognition but to grow your business rapidly.