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5 Tips to Market Your WordPress Website

Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 14

If you are a business owner and you’ve spent a lot of money building a good WordPress website with quality content to represent your products and services, you probably know how hard it is to make that website closer to the customers. People usually think that once you’re online, everything will go by itself, but it’s not true. Of course, you can see here to create a beautiful and functioning website, but actually reaching the desired audience is a whole different task. True is that today you are closer than ever to the various marketing channels that will help you on your mission, and WordPress is really good for that stuff. You can market your WordPress website in a really quality and long-term way, and the only thing you need to do is to research what channels your target group prefers and to start making a strategy that will make your website visited.

In this article, we’re giving you the most useful marketing tips that will make your website more visible than the websites of your competition.

1. A quality SEO optimized content is the key to long-term success

A good, search engine optimized content is one of the most essential factors for making a website more popular in search engine results pages (SERP). Generally, integrating SEO strategy in your global marketing strategy and applying it to content creation from the very beginning will enhance your website, but not overnight.

Start by focusing on keywords – keywords are crucial for understanding what the internet users and your targeted group are typing in search engines when they want to find products like yours. Once you choose the keywords, implement them everywhere: in the content of your website, but also in the title tag, description tag, titles. The use of metadata on web pages is the more important day by day because it contains descriptions of your website’s page contents, as well as keywords linked to it. When someone searches for some product/service you have on your website and your website appears in the search results, the good metadata will determine whether a user decides to visit the site or not.

2. Work on backlinks and referrals

When one website links from one page to your website, it is known as a backlink. If someone links to your website, you have a backlink from them. Backlinks are essential when it comes to the ranking and are crucial for ranking in SERP because search engines recognize backlinks like one of the top search factors. If the higher is ranked and valuable the website that backlink you, the more your WordPress website will be attractive to SERP.

Basically, backlinks are important because it helps your WordPress website to have a better rank because search engines look on backlinks as a sign of confidence; makes it more discoverable; gives you more traffic that is at the same time the key point of backlinks – navigating internet users that search for something to the useful resources. The more people click to backlink and backlink navigate them to your website, the more traffic you get. The more traffic means better visibility and more potential customers/readers/conversions. Simple as that. With that in mind, should a post does really well for you, and you want to be able to use it later on, you may wish to learn how to duplicate a WordPress page or post so you keep the metadata and SEO settings in tact.

3. Have suitable themes, plugins, and permalinks

If it includes the crucial keywords, your WordPress website’s URL can help you bring more traffic to your website. Also, you need to make your website mobile responsive because more and more people today are in a hurry and on the go so mobile-responsiveness is a must-have on a checklist. Your WordPress website theme should be suitable for its content and purpose, the font should be readable, and everything needs to be packed so it can leave a long-lasting impression to the users. Besides keywords, your content needs to be attractive for readers to share so it needs to have easy-sharing options, especially for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The good thing with WordPress is so it’s completely user-friendly so you can find tons of themes and plugins that will help you to easily put every idea into action.

4. A fast-loading website is a little black dress for marketing

Maybe it’s not directly connected with marketing, the website responsiveness is really important – basically, all marketing tips and tricks are useless if the user comes to your website and it can’t load fast. Research shows that if your website needs more than 2 seconds to load, the users are likely to exit and go to another (and faster) website, and never come back to yours. Research also shows that users are more likely to remember some bad experience with a website than a good one, so be careful: sometimes, it’s not your fault, but your inappropriate hosting package is slowing down your website, so why don’t you change it? Choose a hosting provider that has hosting solutions specially tailored for WordPress, with good uptime, 24/7 tech support, and lots of plugins – Hostinger has the best-optimized solutions for WordPress, and also great prices. Sometimes it’s not hosting but unused plugins that slow down your website. If you’re a newbie try to inform yourself on the internet, and clearly distinguish what plugins you are using and which plugins are unnecessary and uninstall them.

5. Social media is the ultimate weapon of marketing

Let’s be honest – today everything is on social media, even life. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be extremely useful today in getting more traffic and audience. The more interesting you present content and services on your WordPress website, the more likely that users will share them on social media and present them to other lookalike audiences. These platforms will show your website to an enthusiastic, interested audience, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity as well. A few bombastic blog posts shared on social media can get you instant popularity, and it’s on you to keep visitors further and make this opportunity a steady part of marketing strategy. Of course, not all social media is suitable for everything, so think about your website’s purpose and content.


We hope these tips will help you to reach your target and make a success. Keep in mind that every success requires time and patience, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results overnight.