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5 Video Marketing Tips for Success

Martin Castilla            No comments            May, 1

Video is the new text. You only have to look at the growth in video platforms like YouTube to see that that much is true. Today’s consumers spend hours every day watching viral videos and vlogs from their favourite creators like Appetite Creative.

For marketers, the upshot of this is clear: you need to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy. However, there’s a big difference between effective video marketing and bad video marketing. All the best agencies specializing in marketing and video production jacksonville and other cities have to offer understand this.

Done right, a solid video marketing campaign can skyrocket your sales. Done wrong, and you’ll blow through your marketing budget in a flash and have nothing to show for it. To help you do it right, here are 5 video marketing tips for success.

1. Tell a story

Research shows that consumers like to watch content that has a narrative. Just look at the most popular and best Netflix TV shows, what do they have in common? A gripping plotline and story arc, that’s what.

Don’t focus on making sales with your video content. Focus on telling a story, and take your audience on a journey that might take them to the checkout later down the line.

2. Start strong

If you’re using video platforms like YouTube as part of your video marketing strategy, engagement is important. The longer your viewers stick around on your video, the more visibility it will get and the better the chance it has of going viral.

That’s why you need to work on decreasing bounce rates by starting with a strong, gripping introduction.

3. Be personable

Don’t be a brand, be a person. Connect with your audience on an individual level. Don’t be afraid to show your personality in your video content, or if you’re using actors, encourage them to do so.

People engage more with content featuring people they feel they can relate to – and engagement is essential for a successful video marketing campaign.

4. Optimize it for search

To maximize the eyeballs on every piece of video content you create, you need to focus on SEO. Apply just as much effort to optimizing your video for search as you would your landing pages or marketing blog posts.

That means thinking carefully about your keywords and including them naturally in your title, description, image filenames, and tags.

‘How-to’ videos have extra ranking power on the search engines too, so make some how-to videos if that kind of content aligns with your brand or business niche.