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7 advantages of the Tilt-up construction method

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 11

The tilt-up construction method is becoming increasingly popular lately with both the clients and the construction companies all over the world. It isn’t just a tech gimmick, but an actually useful construction method that’s saving money and making the construction process simpler.

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It refers to using thin concrete walls that are made on the site and divided into panels. These panels are then lifted by cranes and placed over the foundation. This has numerous benefits for commercial and residential properties alike.

It’s better than alternative materials

The quality of the construction method can only be measured as it relates to available alternatives. The same goes for the tilt-up method. The most obvious comparisons are made with cinder blocks, which are created with the same purpose, but considered pretty old-fashioned now when the tilt-up method is available.

First of all, the concrete buildings look better, smoother, and more modern. At the same time, tilt-up offers better quality. That way, buildings last longer and require less maintenance and much cheaper repairs in the long run. This is true even when the building is exposed to the elements and other unforeseen events. Moreover, many up-and-coming companies such as WR Meadows are equipped to tackle any setbacks that may arise with respect to concrete buildings and provide the necessary solutions.

Solar panels

Modern homeowners and businesses take great care of the environment and try to lessen then negative effect they have on it. This is most obvious when it comes to installing solar panels and trying not to use the traditional fuels and energy when you don’t have to.

Tilt-up construction makes it even easier to install solar panels. The biggest issue with solar panels is the cost of installation. It cuts down on energy bills, but it takes time to pay off the initial costs. This becomes much easier when the building is premade for that purpose.


There are a lot of expenses related to home maintenance. Most of them are about the heating and the AC systems. These costs could be significantly reduced by having a good insulation in place. That way, both the heating and the air-conditioning of your place will cost less.

However, it isn’t just about the heating. Tilt-up insulation also helps with noise insulation, which can be very important for commercial properties that need to host a lot of offices and allow everyone to work in a comfortable and productive manner.


Buying a property is a long-term commitment, and it can be difficult to plan your future both personally and professionally. A lot of the times, the owners plan to expand their properties later on. This is the case with both personal and commercial property, but it happens with homes and apartments more often.

When you’re hiring a construction company, it helps to convey these plans to them directly. Companies such as Tilt Constructions QLD make it easy to organize future expansions, and to add new openings or add-ons. With the tilt-up method, whole buildings could be removed and remodeled relatively easily.

Faster pace

The construction speed is one of the most important features a company has to offer. Quality is even more important, obviously, but if you can’t have both – you should choose the construction method that takes less time.

The tilt-up system rallies on mass production and complex engineering systems, which means that the sheets are made much faster than they would be done with cinder blocks. It’s difficult to say how much time you can save by using this method since it depends on a variety of other factors as well. Roughly speaking, you can save up to 30 percent of the construction time.

A professional image

A property can tell a lot about a business. That’s why commercial buildings need to showcase their corporate culture and their place in the industry by choosing the right aesthetics. This can be accomplished with tilt-up construction, especially if you are going for a traditional commercial look that appears modern at the same time.

There’s something to be said about using a modern construction method as well. It’s also a message about your company and what it stands for. If you’re ready to use cutting edge technology for your offices, that means that your products and services are top notch as well. It’s a subtle advantage, but it speaks volumes when you’re having a lot of meetings with clients.

The cost

In the end, purchasing a property is expensive, and everything that lowers its price can be helpful in the long run. The construction process itself is one of the biggest expenses a small business can face.

This is where tilt-up construction can really mean a lot. It allows the construction crew to build on site, and a lot of the production is automated. Basically, you’re saving on the construction process and can put that money toward something more useful.

Tilt-up construction method has numerous advantages in comparison to cinder block construction. It’s less expensive, has better quality and a more modern look.