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7 Slots Machines Cheats

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 25

Every player is on the hunt for ways to trick casinos and help them to win whilst trying click to play slots, but the hardest part is undoubtedly trawling through endless advice and figuring out what will actually work. Here are 7 helpful tips that will help you to maximise your winnings. 

1. Understand how slots work before you play  

The first thing to know before playing slots and before you get too committed to the idea that there is an easy way to cheat slot machines is how online slots actually work because a lot has changed over the years! The outcome of the spin is a random number generator which is an internal computer chip in a physical machine and a complex algorithm in an online slot game which will randomly generate a number or code which correlates which a symbol. This ensures that the slot is fair for everyone and that each spin is independent and truly random. 

2. Don’t stay loyal to one online casino 

There are so many online casinos out there and because it is such a competitive market there are also hundreds of offers and welcome bonuses to take advantage of – so why stay loyal to just one casino? It might feel easier and more convenient to play on the same online casino you always do, but it may not pay off. Many players shop around and “bonus hunt” for the best bonuses and incentives. 

3. Read the small print

Before accepting any welcome bonus or incentive, make sure you have read the betting requirements and done your research to see if there isn’t a better option for you. Be on the lookout for betting requirements which are 10 x or less and bonuses with no max cash-out amount.  

4. Hunt for zero deposit discount codes 

A great way to make the most of online slots is to take advantage of zero despot discount codes, so before you make a deposit into an online account, do your research and see if there are any discount codes to use as this could seriously be worth your while! Because whether you win whilst playing slots is down to chance, it’s important to put yourself at the best advantage possible and take advantage of opportunities to play for free with no deposit.  

5. Know when to stop playing slots 

It’s so easy to get carried away with the excitement whilst playing slots, which is why it’s important to know when to stop,. Set yourself sensible limits to how much time you are going to spend as well as how much you are willing to lose before you start to play.  

6. Play random jackpot slots 

Instead of playing progressive slots with huge jackpots, instead, play random jackpots for small but more frequent wins as you’re much more likely to win which will make playing more enjoyable. 

7. Remember – it’s only a game! 

Don’t lose sight of what slots are all about – having fun. Although winning is a brilliant bonus, slots aren’t a way to make quick money, so only play to have fun and don’t get too bummed out if you lose.