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8 Fastest Growing Smartphone Apps Of 2017

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 30

These apps have broad appeal and have experienced the fastest growth in 2017 so far. Some of them you’re likely familiar with, but a few are new to the scene and shaking things up. It’s worth checking them out to see how the developers went about creating something that is so universally popular.

#1: Bitmoji

Bitmoji can be very addictive as you try to make yours look exactly like you. Once you have it completed you can browse through a large and growing selection of different scenes and sayings, all with your likeness. The way it interfaces with Snapchat no doubt boosts its popularity and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the hottest apps and going strong.

#2: Waze

Even though Google has incorporated many of the features of Waze into its Maps app, Waze is showing no signs of slowing down. With user-submitted tips on hazards in the road and police locations, it’s no wonder why people love using it. It’s super accurate and can give you a clear idea of what’s ahead, helping you steer clear of trouble and get to your destination quicker.

#3: OfferUp

Craigslist has been getting a lot of competition from apps like OfferUp which helps connect local users that are trying to buy or sell items. With just a quick glance you can see what’s available in your area and how much it’s going for. You can tell if a user is reputable or not based on their rating, something that is lacking at Craigslist.

#4: WhatsApp

WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook, and it’s easy to see why it was such an attractive company. It allows users to text back and forth as if they’re in the same country, even if they’re on opposite sides of the world. It’s a messaging app that has some cool features and is still rising in popularity even though it already has a massive user base.

#5: Uber

Uber has slowed down in recent years but it is still one of the fastest-growing apps, which speaks to just how popular it has been. Still the most popular ride-sharing app, it will likely get more more competition from Lyft now that Google is investing massive amounts of money into it.

#6: Wish

The slogan for the Wish app is “shopping made fun”, and they definitely take the shopping experience to the next level. You can browse a wide assortment of products, add it to your wish list and keep track of everything you desire all in one app.

#7: Letgo

Similar to OfferUp, Letgo seeks to help match sellers with buyers in their local area. You can sell things like furniture, jewelry, appliances, and basically anything you don’t want anymore. The idea is it’s easier to let go of an item when you find someone that’s excited to buy it.

#8: Venmo

Venmo represents the biggest threat to PayPal since its inception, and with its rapid growth it makes it easier to send payments to friends and family without using cash. If you owe someone $20 from dinner, you simply pull them up on the app and send the payment safely and securely.