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9 Ways to Use Plastic Storage Containers

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 16

Many homes these days are compact and when we are materialistic beings – minimalism does not work for everyone! – it can be hard to keep all our precious belongings in such a way that they are easily to hand, but out of the way when not needed. Plastic storage boxes, available in a wide range of sizes and strengths can be the answer here. Read on to discover nine ways that these really useful boxes can keep your home neat and tidy.


Ever wish that you had two different wardrobes (summer and winter), that could be wheeled in and out of your bedroom as desired? Having a large plastic storage box to keep all your winter clothes in when it is warm, or vice versa, can be the solution. Clothing often compresses fairly tightly, and you will be able to see what is available in your wardrobe easily, finding all your summer dresses without having to fight past winter coats and woollen tunics.

Odds and Ends

Every home eventually ends up with oddments that do not really have a place of their own: spare curtain rings, batteries, candles (not pretty scented ones, the just-in-case-of-a-power-cut ones) and so on. A sturdy box – preferably an opaque one to hide the turmoil inside – can be the answer to organising these handy but unsightly items!

Outdoor or Attic

Tools, specialist sports equipment, heavy-duty cleaning supplies, and paints are just some of the items that need to be kept securely but not necessarily taking up space in the living areas of the home. Heavy-duty storage boxes and self-storage units such as those found in Storloft Storage Toronto could be the answer, and most will be sturdily weight-bearing so you can stack them three or four high, saving space and ensuring that your items remain dust- and damp-free until you need them again.

Filing ‘Cabinet’

Not many home offices have the need for a fill filing cabinet, and while perfectly acceptable in an office, they tend to be jarring in a home environment. If your paperwork needs are modest, you can get a shallow plastic box that can work as a portable in-tray for current admin, and a larger, but equally portable, box for completed paperwork. These boxes hold a surprising amount of paper, and can be tucked away out of sight when not in active use.


Returning to the bedroom, small boxes are ideally suited to stack on top of a chest-of-drawers, holding accessories such as jewellery, scarves, and belts. In other rooms, one or two of these boxes make an ideal storage point for charging cables, small appliances, stationery, remote controls and toys.

Seasonal Entertainment

Big boxes are the perfect durable storage for items like paddling pools, blow-up toys, and outdoor seating covers: all the items that will be well-used in summer, but that need to be kept protected from the weather in winter.

Arts and Crafts

Entertain your children (or yourself) by investing in a good range of art and craft supplies, including drawing paper, paints, glue and decorations. These can be packed up neatly when not in use, or spread generously over the kitchen or dining room table when everyone is bored and wanting to be creative!

Sweater Boxes

Jumpers and sweaters – all woollen items – take up a lot of space in a chest-of-drawers or wardrobe. Why not keep them in plastic storage boxes year round to open up space for less bulky clothing? This will have the added advantage of ensuring that moths stay away, so win-win!

Holiday decor

Christmas decorations are traditionally housed in cardboard boxes, but these get tattier with each year that passes and one day, they will break and send a cascade of tinsel, glitter and baubles slithering in all directions! A sturdy plastic box with good-grip handles will ensure your holiday décor treasures stay in great nick for many years to come!

These are just nine uses for plastic storage boxes. Can you think of any other uses for your useful containers?