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A guide to the different eco bag fabrics

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 28

When it comes to choosing a fabric type for printed eco bags you are spoilt for choice. If you are not sure where to start, then read this handy guide below to find out more about the different eco bags.


Cotton is a soft material that grows around the seeds of cotton plant and it’s the perfect for printing as the material is so easy to print onto, and you can often opt for dyed cotton that is an exact match to your brand colours.

With cotton bags there is no limit on the print area, which means there are no limits on your design options either as we can offer complete edge-to-edge printing.


Jute material is made from woven vegetable fibre that is strung into coarse, strong threads and is the perfect fabric choice if you want a strong and long-lasting bag for heavier items.

To make them even more durable you can add sturdy handles and lamination to the inside to make the bags waterproof. Jute bags are very distinct in their appearance with thick natural fibres, so are great if you want a natural look for your bags.

Canvas bags

Canvas is a sturdy material made from cotton or linen. It offers much of the same benefits of cotton, as it is easy to print on and lightweight to carry. However, it is naturally thicker and tougher than cotton, making it a more durable option.

Polypropylene bags

Prolypropylene bags can either be non-woven or woven. NWPP (non-woven polypropylene) is a lightweight but strong material made from a by-product of oil manufacturing, it is a far more eco-friendly option compared to plastic bags as it is 100% recyclable. These bags can be printed with any colour and design.

The woven PP bags are waterproof and super strong as they go through a lamination process, so they are great for a more vibrant look.

This is a basic outline of the type of materials that you can use for your eco bags. For more advice on printed bags get in touch with an expert eco bags manufacturer to discuss your specific needs.