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An Interior Designer’s Checklist

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 13

Designing is a topic which is often associated highly with clothes and jewelry but new concepts and ideas of designing have come up in the recent past. And interior designing is one of those concepts. Interior designing has existed since long but is gaining momentum only since the past few years. The idea of designing the interior of one’s home with the help and suggestions of a degree holder professional may seem abstract to a few people but it is the latest trend among a lot of people and is only increasing with time.

Interior decorators and designers are expected to have a certain amount of knowledge and experience for decorating a four-walled chamber and turn into a beautiful and cozy home. A number of people looking for an interior decorator to guide them in cozying and beautifying their house will accept a decorator who has some experience and can work in different styles and environment. Apart from experience, people will also flock towards a decorator who can provide them with various ideas of creativity and interior decorations innovations for their modern office designs. So, let’s skip ahead and walk through few of the characteristics that are required in an interior decorator and how innovation and creativity can be the guiding light in attracting more customers.

1. Identify yourself as an interior decorator or a designer
First and foremost, identify yourself as a distinctive decorator or a designer. A decorator is someone who likes to fondle with color and play funk with the house’s furniture and settings and modern office designs but a designer is a person who has an accredited University’s genuine degree in Interior designing.
Start with distinguishing yourself as one of these two and then go ahead with planning and executing the interior designing project that you take on or comes your way. And show your inner knowledge or your earned knowledge in these projects.

2. Be obsessed with creativity and innovation
Being an interior decorator or a designer means that you should have a knack for innovation. Being creative and digging out new and improved ideas of making a home flourish like a new flower in the garden needs an obsession and a good one. The idea of furnishing a house does not apply to all the types of houses and environment and so having a creative and innovative side will come in handy when the number of interior designing ideas hit a blocked road. As innovation is the key to necessity you’ll eventually be required to come up with a different idea for a house or modern office design.

3. It’s not only about fabrics
Decoration and designing of a house need a lot more than using fabrics and wallpapers all around the floors and walls. Inside of the house is a space which will be shared by many and thus needs special attention to accommodate all of their demands. Decorating the inside of the house is a mixture of wall patterns, the combination of colors, and placement of the furniture and the entire look and feel of the house. A person should feel comfortable enough to stay in. Interior designers in Mumbai with their interior decorator in Mumbai will make you home beautiful and comfortable.

4. The arrival of new technological applications to boost virtual designing
With everything moving to online platforms, interior design services are also now available in this virtual world. As software designing and printing have gained popularity, designing the initial draft of the inside of a house is also on the cards. Online room designing tools are becoming popular for the same reason. And now people can also hire the interior design services and decorator from anywhere in the world with the help of online portals which allows the meeting of the right customer with the right designer for their house.

5. You work for them, it’s not vice versa
As a designer, you need to accept the fact that you work for the people who’ve hired your services. But as you’re the experienced person in this filed, these people are more likely to take your advice and suggestions before moving forward with any of the fixed designing plans. But also your ideas will not be pitched as additional opinions and not as the final ones. Interior design firms in Mumbai provide the interior decorators in Mumbai with vast experience for pitching in their ideas.

Role of innovation and creativity in interior designing
A house is a lifesaving for some people and if making it their dream home falls into your hands then you need to consider all the options and leave no stones unturned when it comes to improving the dynamics of the inside of the house. And this is where innovation and creativity come into play.

Innovation is the discovery of a new idea or item in order for it to compliment or better the already existing idea or item. As each house is not located near the similar type of surroundings and not all of them have the same interior structure, innovating the new designs and concepts of decorating a house should come naturally to an interior designer. And as these innovations seed in new ideas into the mind of an interior designer, they’ll begin to attract more customers asking for their interior design services.

Creativity is what innovations give birth to. Being creative in a line of work which demands a person’s inner interests and imagination should not come as a surprise to anyone. Designing is very closely related to being creative and imagining scenarios before implementing them in order to first analyze their appearance. And as decorator mixing the right color of paint and fabric with the right furniture and other decorative items needs an artistic mind at work. Also, creativity follows innovation wherever it goes, so this combination of art and discovery is sure to produce some amazing houses and interiors. And interior decorators in Mumbai are famous for their creativity.

So, keep implementing the artistic ways of landscaping the inside of a house and producing the amazing and beautiful results of interior decorating with just some colors, furniture, fabric, ideas and innovation and contact interior design firms in Mumbai for all your designing woes.