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Are Your Ready To Organize Your Very First Music Festival?

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 13

Organizing your very first music festival is always interesting – the music, the people, the vibe… In an ideal world, anyone could organize an event like this. Still, it takes someone who pays a lot of attention to detail as well as someone who has the ability to deal with major setbacks to get the job done. If you believe you’re the right person for the job and you find yourself tempted by the idea of organizing a music festival yourself, it’s helpful to know where to begin. Listed below are 5 tips that are guaranteed to help.

Give yourself a lot of time to plan

Planning a music festival means you’ll have to multitask quite a lot. You’ll have to arrange the bands, design the tickets, deal with marketing and many similar tasks, which tend to be quite time-consuming. And no matter how much time you have, it’s never going to be enough. That’s why you should start planning your first music festival well ahead. We recommend giving yourself a couple of months to get everything organized and skip the last-minute panicking.

Budget carefully

You might just get lucky and attract some big names in the music industry. However,bear in mind that big start can drain your budget and leave you with no money for other artists. Also,there’s no need to mention that you’re going to need at least a couple of different artists to keep the audience entertained during your festival. It’s always recommended that you go for one or two big names and a couple of local artists or up-and-coming bands.

Don’t neglect security

No matter what type of a music festival you’re organizing, there will always be people who’ll want to “hop the fences” and take a glance at the show for free. And since organizing an event like this is going to be pretty pricey, you should think about hiring a good security team for your festival. Not only will the freeloaders drain your budget, but they might also breach the festival’s capacity,putting other festival-goers in danger.

Talk to professionals

Organizing your very first music festival isn’t going to be easy so you’ll probably need all the help you can get. Luckily, there are plenty of companies specializing in special events management and if you turn to them, it might just make your life much easier. Experts can help you organize your event on time but they can also aim at leaving a memorable impression on guests. This means that any future events you organize might be even more successful and attract even more more people.

Market cleverly

Marketing is a very important aspect of organizing a music festival. If you don’t spread the word about your event, how can you expect people to show u? Luckily, there’s no need to spend tons of money on it. Flyers and radio commercial are cheap and effective marketing channels you should definitely think about going for. Also, don’t forget to create a page and share news about your event on social media. Platforms like Facebook can even be used to predict how many people will show up to your event.

With these 5 tips in mind you’ll be ready to take on organizing your very first music festival. Control the things that you can and deal with those you can’t control. Don’t forget that it’s all about staying cool even if the weather turns out to be bad or some of your equipment breaks down.