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Barcelona: Wanderlust

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 25

Located on the coast of Spain, Barcelona is an exciting seaside town. This city is a mixture of culture, remarkable architecture and first-class food spots. It is known as the most cultural city of Spain, which is one of the most visited places by tourists.

Barcelona’s rich architectures have been in place for over 2,000 years. The city boasts towering temples, medieval city walls and concealed stone mazes which provide a window to see deep into the roman era. You can dive into the Middle Ages by taking a stroll in the shadowy lanes of the Gothic quarters. The tranquil plazas lead the way to the 14th century cathedrals, which make the beauty of that city. You can rediscover the ancient beauty of Barcelona by playing Kingdom of Cash slots online. The pretty designs and symbols found on this 25 paylines slot game, will make you plunge into antiquity. So, anytime you want to discover the exquisiteness of Barcelona, you can play this slot game at Booty Bingo. In other parts of the city, you will find sculptural masterpieces of the modern eras- a mixture of creativity and unusual work of arts by Gaudí. The city of Barcelona has long been inspired by great artists like Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso. The masterpieces of these artists are always in display in the city’s countless museums.

Albert Adrià, Carles Abellan et al are the masters of gastronomy, and they are the pioneers of Catalan cooking. They make use of the simplest yet flavourful ingredients like seafood, market-fresh products and cured ham- these ingredients are transformed into magical delicacies. The best thing to try out in Barcelona is the hearty and rich paella at an open-air table overlooking the sea, or you can try the 1920s elegant restaurants. There’s an assortment of best locations to eat at in Barcelona and these are: sweet chocolate shops, Japanese restaurants, seafood taverns and Basque- style tapas bars.

The deep blue Mediterranean waters surrounding this city adds magic to it. The sun-drenched beaches make jogging, bike rides or long strolls a pure pleasure- you can also take a dip! You can also enjoy the view while kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and cruising on the sea. Now, if you enjoy the beauty of nature, you can always get into the forest which looms behind the city. It provides a magnificent atmosphere for mountain biking or to admire the view. Found nearer to the city centre, the hilltop of Montjuïc offers a panoramic view of botanic and sculpture gardens. You can also visit the ancient castles and the world-class museums on the way.

The nightlife of Barcelona knows no limits. You can begin by sipping the sunset drinks on a panoramic porch. Or you can let your heels plunge into the sandstorms at any rustic beach. As soon as darkness starts to fall, the city is transformed into a live musical fair- indie rock concerts, jazz concerts and bonfires. The bars are best around midnight, when people start to get in.