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Branding Matters: How A Simple Business Logo Can Bring Lasting Impact

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 1


When you see a certain logo you’ll immediately think of its reputation and how good the product they offer. Apple, Starbucks, Nike, these are just one of the most well-known brands all over the world creating noise in the business market in their respective fields wherein consumers tend to buy just because of the brand.

Your brand is not just a logo nor just a decoration for people to see, but it should be an entire experience that affects your customers in a way that it will make them remember you and do business with you. This is the gist of what your logo does—to permeate everything that you do. Want to know more how logos affect your business? Read on as we explain its importance in one’s branding.

Facts on Consumer Behavior on Logo

To fully comprehend the importance of logo and signages of a business, one must be shown a data of what an individual is claiming. Thus, backed up with researched survey data, a study has shown that 77 percent of consumers decision on purchasing a product is based on a brand name. Whereas when it comes to consumers, it takes 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo yet it takes 5 to 7 impressions for consumers to recognize a logo. Convinced yet?

Signage and Logo for a Lasting Impact

So, now you have gotten the gist of how logos and signages impact your business, but how will you be able to take it in form and make it effective for your business? What considerations should be done in making your business’ logo and signages? Here’s how.

Drawing Attention

What you should consider first is that your signages should be attractive enough, and is strategically placed wherein it draws attention to your business since signs basically let potential customers know that you exist as well as helping them locate your business establishment.

According to some studies, they have suggested that there are as many as 45 percents of first-time customers who visit a business due to noticing the sign. Which means signs can help you get potential customers.

Brand Reinforcement

Since you already have the attractive signage, what does it do asides from gaining attention from passersby? People who pass by your business may not have an immediate need for your services or products however the constant exposure of your business might be implanted in their mind.

For example, you have a unique logo feature or a catchy advertising slogan, these elements in marketing make your business memorable, meaning it increases the chance that customers will come to you for your offered services or products when needed.


The best and most effective logos are memorable that by even just reading the name you can visualize the logos, such as Coca-Cola, with its red swirly topography or McDonald’s with its golden M. Remember that if your logo is not memorable, then it is futile, it isn’t effective.

To have an effective logo and branding, you should keep in mind that your logo should be unique enough to leave a lasting impression on your products. After all, what’s the use of a logo if customers can’t remember your business, right?


Just like what was stated beforehand, your logo should be memorable, but not only that—it should also be simple since it reduces your core concept into its basic form. Also, it is because memorable logos equates to simple logos such as Apple’s already eaten apple, McDonald’s golden M, and Nike’s just do it tick.


Most importantly, an effective logo design is timeless, which means it is not built around design trends that may falter as the trend lie lows since trends come and go fast. If your logo is built around a design trend then sooner or later your logo will end up looking out of date, making you go back to square one that might need another rebranding in the future, yikes!

Innovative Ways of Designing Business Logos

Doesn’t mean that you can’t go on an innovative and creative way in designing your business logo when you want it to be effectively timeless. From the most important consideration of logo design, the color palette, to visualizing double entendre there are lots to consider to have an innovative logo design.

Not to forget that you should also think of an innovative way for your signage. Why not try the 3D business signs which makes it appealing and unique apart from the good ol’ plain signage?


Remember that your logo will represent your company and products so make sure that you do a good job of owning your brand through your logo and attract customers by having a unique signage within your premises.