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Martin Castilla            No comments            Dec, 31

In recent years, financial rhetoric has been flooded with crypto vs. fiat rivals. In fact, this battle is one of the most fundamental economic dilemmas of the modern world. Today we have good-old Bitcoin versus Tether. Compare BTC to USDT on P2PB2B Cryptocurrency Exchange, learn how to place a sell trade on P2PB2B 

The Main Difference

Apart from rational economic-based reasons, what drives the Bitcoin market is also a metaphor for it to be something vastly new, digital, and phenomenal. Meanwhile, Tether has combined Alpha and Omega in its essence: this coin engages into the BTC’s blockchain to conduct financial transactions, and it is pegged to fiat money such as USD, Japanese Yen, and Euro. There is a “T” suffix for each currency linked to its index: 

  • USDT 
  • EURT 
  • JPYT 

Tether Limited is in the head of issuing the tokens, guaranteeing each of them are supported by the balance’s real reserve – if there are a million tokens circulating out there, this means the company possesses an exactingly equal number of fiat currency.

Tether Advantages

USDT is featured at Cryptocurrency Exchange P2PB2B, and it was launched back in 2014. Its main goal is going by the Proof of Reserves instead of Proof of Solvency, which means it’s always backed either by Tether reserves and positions equal to the United States Dollar: 1 USDT is rated at 1 USD. Anchored to such fiat currency values as USD, Euro, and offshore Chinese yuan, USDT stays stable and secure.

Tether is transparent as the net worth of its assets is published daily; so, it’s exceptionally difficult to conduct a USDT manipulation. It is also known for its wide integration: in the digital-to-fiat field, this coin is the one most frequently used. You may buy, exchange, or sell this coin not only at P2PB2B Cryptocurrency Exchange but also at Bitfinex and other chief service and exchange suppliers.

A Convenient Way to use USDT

Buy, sell, convert, and conduct all the kinds of transferring USDT to BTC at P2PB2B Currency Exchange. Take even more advantage of this process with the referral program on our website. After signing up, generate a unique link, use it to invite your friends, and share up to 40% commission every time your pals make a trade.