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Building and Customizing Your Vape Pen

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 31

In the last half-decade Vaping has emerged as a real contender for the smoking crown. More people than ever are choosing electronic cigarettes over traditional paper-rolled tobacco for a number of reasons including hygiene, healthiness, taste, and aesthetic. Vape pens are available in a wide range of prices and specifications, and can be purchased to suit your needs. If you’re a casual smoker then single-use Disposable vape pens are available in packs from e-cig shops around the country. If however you’re looking to spend more for a high-quality, customisable smoking experience then there’s plenty on off. You could also browse the Internet and find many websites that sell vapes of different companies like Vaporesso and find what suits your preference. Vape pens are highly modular, which means they can be disassembled into their constituent parts for cleaning and modification. Enthusiasts can even take to assembling the internals themselves. Those looking to smoke something with a little more oomph may be intrigued by the potential of using apparatus like bongs and dabbing rigs, and even the prospect of using a weed grinder may be appealing if they’re looking to smoke something that will provide them with certain effects.

Coil Wrapping

Keen vapers can modify the internals of their pen to control the heat of the pen and the resultant flow of nicotine. As with any work involving circuitry, there is an element of risk involved with this process.

If you’re planning on building your own coils and optimising your smoking experience, there’s a few things you’ll need to ensure you’re doing it right: an ohms reader, a rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA) of your own choice, small screwdrivers sized to your RDA, a small butane/propane torch, wire cutters, scissors, wicking material, and an e-cig juice of your choice. Juices are available in a bewildering array of flavours, and it can be a life’s work to find your favourite flavour and strength, so it’s a good idea to purchase a few different types in order to experiment a little. Ohms are the unit of electrical resistance, and it’s this resistance which will be providing the heat for your pen. The more coils you wrap, the more resistance and thus the more heat.

The strength of the pen is dependent on the length and width of the coil you’ll be wrapping. There are tools available online to help you calculate how many turns you’ll need to make around the wick with your coil based on variables such as wire thickness, coil diameter, and target resistance. There are also in-depth, step-by-step guides online on how to effectively produce functioning coils for your RDA’s.

Getting the Right Look

Once you’ve got a functioning pen and managed to find a juice which you like, it’s time to make sure you’re boasting the best-looking e-cig around. There are thousands of styles available from a huge variety of sellers. If you’re looking for something a little different, then sellers like Glass Heads sell drip tips.

Drip tips are reusable tubes attached directly to the atomizer which allow users to drip e-liquid directly onto the atomizer itself instead of attaching cartridges or cartomizers. Using drip-tips is an art you’ll have to perfect, as adding too much or too little will spoil the taste. Drip-tips aren’t ideal for serious smokers engaging in long vaping sessions, as re-applying the quickly-used vapour can become quite a hassle.

Once you’re done customising your pen, consider adding some accessories like assembly mats, e-juice holders, pen necklaces and novelty dabbers. You can visit one of your local Vape Shops to see if they have any more accessories you can add to make your vape pen extra special.