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Casinos as Part of Your Investment Segmentation

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 17

The long path to financial freedom holds a secret to success that requires you to be diligent in its application as a matter of habit. Sure, you might be able to pull all-nighters now and then and rack-up some of that overtime pay, if available, but the ability to tap into those good times won’t always exist. As someone who is savvy with your finances, you should know all about segmenting your investments, with one of those segments being that of the higher risks.

A small portion of your income should be allocated to this higher-risk, higher potential reward bracket, with something like a live casino platform making for the perfect choice.

Maximising the time spent betting on a live casino

Some age-old top-investor expert knowledge teaches the principle of generating or at the very least preserving value when you’re not out there earning it. So for instance during those hours of your day when you’re not at the office, instead of burning through the money you’ve subsequently worked to earn, you’d rather pursue channels through which to multiply that money or at least stem the flow of it losing value through spending.

Bringing things into the realms of live casinos, the application of this principle will have you seeking to prolong the time you’re “in the game,” i.e. the time during which you have a bet down and have the chance of winning. The best way to do this is to bet small and think long-term betting-strategy development, while enjoying the action. Betting on live casino platforms does well to slow you down in this way and engage you for longer, so you don’t succumb to the urge of betting big in one go.

Direct live casino “investment”

The direct aspect of live casino betting is the mere action of placing bets with the hope of winning (amassing returns), so it’s pretty straightforward, but worth a mention so that you understand all the main dynamics. Go for those games through which a small bet can have you winning big jackpots, such as slots that have big jackpots, or perhaps strategising to bet big on the tables, when it makes sense to do so, given the odds of winning.

Indirect live casino investment

You could always invest in casino stocks on the Stock Exchange, or perhaps invest in the secondary markets tied to the casino industry, such as the resident hotel chains of a specific casino. This is of course something you’d do if you don’t want to “invest directly” by playing on the live casinos themselves, but then again this falls back to lower-risk investments, which means lower potential returns.

Using your live casino interactions to create content that can be monetised

Looking beyond the direct and indirect casino interaction as a portal for your higher-risk investment segmentation, something like writing e-books and creating video courses on betting strategy, tips, etc, could very well make for a great monetisation channel. This way you can make sure to get closer to guaranteeing returns, but once again, the risk is lowered, which means the potential reward is then also inevitably lowered.