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Changing the perception of Home Design/DIY

Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 17

After a long day at work, you can’t wait to get home and relax. You need your home to be as inviting as possible. From the way you have arranged and decorated your living room to how cozy you have made your bed.
You don’t have to be an expert to change the perception of your home design. A few tips are enough for you to change your interior design yourself. You can also check out some tips from other websites such as Photos For Homes, to get some more design assistance for your home.
Here are some other ways in which you can change the perception of your home design.

1. Be keen on colour.

It is your home. You know the colours you like and those you hate. Work with the colour pallets you like most. Colour has a significant impact on the human subconscious.
Choose colours that harmoniously cause you to smile every time you open a room. Different shades will always change your mood.
Light colours make a room feel bigger, so if your rooms feel tight and small, consider using white, yellow and other neutral colours.
If your home has rooms too big, change to dark colours like grey, purple or brown, the rooms start to feel smaller and less lonely.

2. Consider the furniture arrangement.

The furniture you choose to put in your room speaks a lot about you. Always make sure you buy furniture that is finished in a way that you like. If you can’t find your type of sits or tables, place your order and get to enjoy cheap parcel delivery.
Consider the size of the rooms to ensure that the furniture fits proportionally. You could push the furniture to the walls to create more space in a room or float them in the room if it’s too large.
Don’t have too much furniture in one room; a congested room will always make you moody.

3. Proper lighting.

Sometimes your home feels like a cave, it feels so dark, and maybe it’s not your fault. The ceilings may have been built too low especially if you live in an old home. You can change that with proper lighting.
If you want to create an illusion of escalated ceilings, sconces and other up lights are the best.
On the other hand, bright might not always be right for you. Consider using table lamps or chandeliers. They make your home looks sassy and stylish.

4. Keep your bedroom tidy.

Coming home to a well-made bed is the best feeling ever. Get your best colour beddings with your best preferred sized pillows. The perception of a long day changes with an anticipated long night sleep.
Make your bedroom feel as luxurious as possible. Use plump fresh duvet and be sure to change it seasonally to avoid monotony.
Always have your clothes in the closet, it’s disappointing to come home to a disorganised closet. Choose a closet design that gives your room an organised feel. Every day starts in the closet. Consider categorising your clothes to avoid wasting time looking for a dress or a pant every morning.


It can be expensive to decorate your home. There are so many decorations you can do yourself and achieve the personal feel you always wanted. Take the time to give your home a personal touch of beauty and class without having to pay.