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Chatbots – find out their advantages in marketing

Martin Castilla            No comments            Mar, 11

Competition on market of almost every industry is high and this is the reason why company’s owners are constantly looking for solution to stand out. Their marketing activity must be adapted to the reality which is radically changing. It becomes impossible to find one way to attract customers, unless you use chatbot creator.

Chatbot revolution

The biggest change in communication with customers is exchange of conversation with the consultant for conversation with chatbot. It saved a lot of money for many companies. If chatbot is created after in-depth analysis of customers questions and problems it significantly affects the quality of service. Chatbots can solve most problems, so if you used call center services, you will reduce the costs of maintaining it. You will increase customers satisfaction, especially those for whom talking to people is a barrier.

Increase customer engagement

You can use chatbot to build a relationship and engagement. The examples are offline acts moved to the network. Contests organized by chatbot are easier in making and service. 

Contestants send competition responses in the message, no matter if it is a text, photo or video and the system collects all data in an organized manner. It also make it easier to view the work and select the winners. Moreover in chatbot you can organize fun. Urban games, where hints are sending in a message and tasks performed in the tourist part of the city – it is already happening. Companies that organize this type of game come up with language or ecological or any other challenges and the customers take challenges, collect points and win interesting prizes. By the way, they make friends with the brand.

Saving time

You probably guess that using the automatic reply module will save you and your employees time. Thanks to this you will be able to focus on operational activities and develop your business without losing the quality of customer service. Create an accurate faq, try to make customers easily find the answers to their questions, and you’ll soon see that investing in creating a chatbot pays off.

Promotion notifications

An undoubted advantage for business owners is the ability to send notifications to people who have previously agreed to it. The open rate of these messages is at 99%. Comparing this to the open rate of emails, we can clearly say that this is a best way and it is really worth investing. These messages may contain a button pointing to the online store, the appropriate subpage or landing page. You can also show products at discount and transfer adding to basket in the chatbot. This will reduce the number of task necessary for the customer to complete shopping and bring him closer to this.

Brand loyalty

All these activities boil down to one, i.e. to build relationships with the brand. Companies that care about it are in the winning position. Especially in a situation when the offered product does not really differ from the competition. It is a long-term operation and even if it requires us to perform many extracurricular tasks today, after some time it will return with satisfied customers who speak well about the company.