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Common Mistakes to Watch Out For When Planning a Wedding

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 13

Getting married sounds like an exciting time, one you should remember for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, many married couples remember their wedding day for all the wrong reasons. Instead of enjoying their special day with their favorite people and significant other, and focusing on committing every second to memory, they spend the entire time stressing out. And what a shame that is, after you’ve spent all that time searching for designer rings, or whatever you chose for your perfect ring, having a romantic proposal and being so excited for your big day. Organizing a wedding is a huge project, one full of hidden pitfalls. Here are some things to watch out for, if you want a gorgeous, stress-free wedding.

Don’t get hung up on traditions

When it comes to traditions, think about which ones work for you, or how some of them can be adapted to fit your aesthetics, budget and style. Modifying some of them can also be a huge time and money saver. For instance, finding the perfect wedding invitations online instead of paper ones is great for the budget and generally much more convenient. If a traditional ballroom-style wedding gown doesn’t fit into your personal style and the way you see yourself, you’ll probably spend the entire day feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Don’t feel the need to stick to the way things are usually done but change them to fit your needs.

Don’t do it all by yourself

Wedding planning is definitely not the time to give your inner control freak free reign. The project is just too extensive for one person to do alone. Use your support network – partner, family, and friends – to help you out. The keyword you need to keep constantly in mind is: delegate! In general, you can spend your time choosing, and leave the actual booking, buying, picking up to your back-up team. No one can go to your dress fitting instead of you, but plenty other people can work out the seating arrangement, decorations, and catering. When looking for a venue, why not pick the one with helpful staff who can help you run your wedding reception? For instance, authentic waterfront venues in Sidney don’t only have breathtaking surroundings, but their patient staff will also make sure that your special day runs smoothly.

Don’t forget about your budget

Before you spring into action, work out your budget in detail. This will be your guiding light for the entire endeavor. Keeping the financial aspect a vague notion in your head could leave you struggling. Even splurges are much easier to incorporate and compensate for if you have a carefully planned out budget. That means you will be able to identify another item that you can pinch a few pennies from. Planning how much you can spend on every item is also a great time-saver. It will keep you from spending hours or even days looking at options you simply can’t afford.

Don’t rush it

Think about what length of engagement works for you. An engagement that is too short might leave you feeling rushed and hassled. Give yourself enough time to organize everything, choose the dress of your dreams (and maybe lose a few extra pounds for the ideal fit), book the venue and the band and pick out the rings. But an engagement with no end in sight can feel disheartening too. Try to put everything on paper, check the availability for your venue of choice, and then set a realistic date.

Strike a balance

Perhaps one of the trickiest parts of planning for a wedding is striking the right focus. Some brides tend to turn into bridezillas who only care about themselves, and lose any consideration of their guests in their pursuit for the perfect Insta-perfect wedding. Others tend to neglect their own needs and spread themselves too thin trying to accommodate everyone else. The secret is to identify the most important aspects. Your guests need to be well fed and comfortable. They need music to have a good time. Everything else is optional. Size most definitely does not matter – there are some BEAUTIFUL small wedding venues edinburgh, for example, which could be the setting for a gorgeously intimate day with the people who really mean something to you. When it comes to your own needs and wishes, try to identify which ones matter the most, and which are just a nice bonus. If you manage to get everything done – great. If not, at least you’ll know the most important aspects will be covered.

In their chase for the picture-perfect wedding, many couples lose sight of the most important thing. The day is meant to be a celebration of your love, so don’t forget to make it into one. Enjoying your day with your loved ones is what will make it far more memorable than the perfect wedding favors or just the right shade of the flowers.