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Condo Living: Seven Perks of Living in a Condominium 

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 17

After all, modern living and lifestyles are characterized by two distinct features: convenience and accessibility-both of which are features in condo living. Today, with urban cities developing rapidly and with populations on a steady incline, real estate in prime cities have grown rather sparse and expensive. As a result, many real estate developers have decided to take advantage of a pressing problem by offering a concrete but effective solution: sky-rise condominium living with most of an individual’s lifestyle needs just located within the vicinity or at least in proximity such as can be found in these St. Paul apartments. Indeed, living in a condominium comes with a slew of benefits that living in a house would not be able to offer. So, if you are looking to make a residential move, weigh your options well and determine which would be the right move for you. In any case, here are some of the perks of living in a condominium:

1.) You have an array of choices

The condo market is on the rise, and in this regard, one can expect major metropolitans and even some select provinces to have a selection of condominium projects. Indeed, major cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are unquestionably replete with sky rise condominium towers that all you would really need is to select the one that fits your lifestyle’s needs and budget. Metro Manila, for example, has various condominium property choices-from BGC condominiums to a myriad more-you would have no trouble in choosing one at all.

2.) Unbeatable location

Condos are usually located in the heart of the city as one key aspect in condo living is accessibility. In this regard, you can expect most condominium properties to be found in proximity to office buildings, schools and lifestyle locations such as shopping districts and malls. With a condo’s strategic location, you can be assured that everything is within your reach making your daily commute a breeze with most places only a short drive or walk away.

3.) Safe and Secure Environments

Condominiums are known for their safe and secure environments. In fact, this is one of the many features in condo living that developers would capitalize on. After all, there is a marked difference between the security with which a residential home’s gate can afford and that of a condominium property’s round the clock security. With surveillance cameras stationed in public spaces and security available 24/7, you can rest easy at night knowing that your safety and welfare are in good hands.

4.) Low maintenance

Repairs in residential homes can be quite a hassle. More importantly, they can potentially cost a lot. That, in conjunction with your busy schedule and pre-budgeted funds, living in a residential home can pose as a potential nightmare once something starts breaking down. Condominium living presents an excellent alternative to this by taking away the stress of maintaining a big space by having someone designated to do that job for you. Sure, you might have to fork up a fee for this buy more often than not; these are already included in your monthly association dues. With this in mind, worrying about your house’s exteriors or having a gardener check the state of your plants and constantly cleaning the backyard would be a thing of the past.

5.) Serviceable Amenities

Living in a condominium features some aspects in hotel living in such a way that you would no longer need to pay extra expenses to use the facilities that come with it. In this regard, shared amenities such as an in-house gym, an outdoor pool, a clubhouse and the like would all be available at your disposal. After all, part of your monthly association dues goes to the maintenance of these shared amenities. Having access to these various recreational amenities would mean you would no longer need to pay the extra expense of maintaining memberships and the like-a perk that would certainly entice one to live in a condo.

6.) Units appreciate over time

If you are a homeowner with a shrewd eye for investment, then you should know that a condominium unit can be a potential cash cow. This is especially true for condominiums that are located in premier locations. If you are treating your home as an investment, know that although condo units do not see as much appreciation as residential houses do, there is still a significant increase in the property’s price over time. Alternatively, you may want to lease your condominium unit to break even your expenses for the property. With booking websites such as AirBnb, Agoda and the like, you have a myriad of avenues to profit from your investment property.

7.) Plenty of open spaces

One excellent feature most modern condominium properties feature today is being able to live in an organized community that keeps you within a busy metropolitan without feeling suffocated by the comings and goings of the city. Today’s condominium capitalize on being in sync with the city and at the same time, feel disconnected from it with the condominium property’s verdant greens and open spaces. In this regard, while you might have easy access to lifestyle centers and offices, you would also have convenient access to pocket gardens, lush and verdant greens and the like. Indeed, living in condominiums today has harmonized urban and rural living in a manner that ensures you are within the city without feeling overwhelmed by it.