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Contemporary and Innovative: Modern Trends in hotels’ Interior Designs

Martin Castilla            No comments            Aug, 15

The hotel industry is quite competitive these days. The clients too, are very demanding. They have high expectations. Clients are looking for more value for their money. Hotels in famous tourist cities such as Dubai are facing challenges pleasing all of their clients which are quite diversified in taste and appreciations. Therefore, more and more hotels are ameliorating their interiors to provide more value to their clients. Here are some of the modern trends in the interior outfits of hotels:

Personalized Experience For Guests

Guests want to feel at home while they are staying at hotels. The hoteliers are now realizing it more than ever. Many hotels are seeking ways to enhance guest’s experience during their stay. They are looking forward to the use of modern technology for personalization of the staying venue.

According to Ajay Paul (Director Travel and Transportation, Information Services Group), hoteliers are mulling over fully personalized experience for their guests such as clients being able to adjusting the firmness of their beds, WiFi integrated to an automatic coffee machine in the guest room to provide weather and news update, and biometric tiles that would provide the guests with their health report.

These, and many other personalization features can become mainstream attributes of hotels in near future.

Bespoke Furniture

As the hotels are moving towards making their experience for the guests unique and different, most of the hotels are looking towards bespoke furniture and equipment manufacturers to have them tailor-made for them.

Furniture is an important part of interior designing. A brilliant interior design is the core of the hotels business. Hotels are looking for furniture designs that reflects their class of service, their brand and their uniqueness while it is serving its main purpose of giving functionality to interior space.

Lobby Design Evolution

Hoteliers are redesigning hotel lobbies to make it more like social places. (courtesy: Casa Shamuzzi)

In an attempt to make their hotels more like a home for their guests, hoteliers are redesigning the interiors of their lobbies into social space. Lobbies were, historically, were business centric but the trend is changing as the hoteliers are customizing it so guests can meet visitors, socialize, gossip, have a cup of coffee or wine, and discuss life and business in the lobbies.

Bathroom –Spa Type Designs

Guests expectations from hotel’s bathrooms are even higher than that of the bedrooms. They don’t merely need a bathroom, they need a place where they can feel the utmost relaxation, luxury and comfort. Hoteliers are opting for modern contemporary bathroom interior designs to ensure they are spacious and elegant and meet or exceed their guest’s ever evolving expectations.

Indoor-Outdoor Integration

The line between the interior and exterior of the hotels is diminishing. Hotels are embracing innovative indoor-outdoor designs. They are incorporating larger decks and terraces into their interior designs and architects to ensure their guests feel connected to the nature because that’s what their guests are demanding these days.