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Content Marketer’s First Step: Creating Your Own Blog

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 15

Content marketing is in great demand in today’s world of business. More and more businesses decide to promote their content online and they need people who’ll help them with this. Therefore, becoming a content marketer is a great move to make in 2017. And if this is what you decide to do, you’ll first need to start your own blog. In case you don’t know how to start a blog and run it correctly, the four tips listed below might come in quite handy.

Find the right blogging platform

Choosing where you’ll be creating your blog is the first thing you’ll have to do if you want to become a content marketer. There are several different content management systems out there, such as the one provided by Sitecore, which are can really benefit a new blogger. WordPress is currently the most popular content management platform, with more than 80 million active users. It’s an easy platform to use and it comes with tons of free themes and layouts, which is exactly what you need when starting out. Not to mention that there’s a massive forum where you can get support in case you get stuck. Even though there are alternatives to WordPress such as Blogger and Tumblr, this is the platform you should go for if you’re new in the world of blogging.

Design your blog

Another thing you’ll have to do when creating your blog is make sure it looks exactly like you want it to. This includes choosing the images you’ll upload and options you’ll give to your visitors. If you choose to start your blog on WordPress, designing your blog will be much easier. There are pre-made themes you can install in just a couple of seconds and make your blog look amazing. Moreover, there are also plenty of plugins you can easily install and add more options for your readers. When it comes to the images you’ll upload, make sure you find quality images of the right size for your blog.

Choose the right name for your blog

No matter what your blog is about, you’ll have to be very careful when choosing its name. It’s very important that you go for a descriptive name that will tell your readers what it’s all about before they even visit your blog. Also, make sure that you don’t choose a name similar to the one another blogger is already using. This can only confuse your followers, which is never a good thing. You can always use your name since your blog is all about you and your opinions on the topics you’ll discuss. For example, if you’ll be running a food blog, names like “Cooking with Scott” or “Recipes by Mary” are something you can never go wrong with.

Find a good host

Today, there are just so many options for website hosting. It’s very important that you go for a good hosting company that will make it much easier for you to run your blog. Don’t make any rash decisions and take a closer look at every deal you can get. Also, make sure you think about your budget before you opt for a hosting company and decide on the package. Online resources like a YouTube video or other experienced bloggers’ websites may help you decide on which host is best suited for the platform you have decided to blog on. Do not worry if you aren’t a tech person or can’t understand all the technical jargon, because such resources can help you out. Even if you are completely new to the blogging world, a little research can take you a long way. If you decide to run a WordPress blog, you should go for a hosting company specialized in WordPress hosting. For example, experts at companies such as WP Perk will help you set up your WordPress blog and look after it for you.

Follow all of these tips and you’ll be ready to start blogging. And once you get a hang of it, it will be the right time for you to get into content marketing and start turning prospects into customers.