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Creating Digital Products for the Sports Betting Niche

Martin Castilla            No comments            Mar, 22

So, in focus today is the sports betting niche, particularly online sports betting, as one to look at if you want to generate some money beyond the primary act of betting. That’s right, many people are choosing to bet online over betting in a betting office, so we’re going to look at what approaches you can take to create digital products that can either be sold as info-packs and other such direct products or monetized as a service.

First you’ll need a collection of some record-keeping and documentation media, because what you actually do as part of your online sports betting exploits is where the value will be created. It’s all about your own, personal experience in what will be an ongoing journey. So some of the standards in record-keeping and documentation media would include a domain name with web hosting, so that you can put up a blog or website dedicated to the sports betting niche; and you will need some kind of video recording and editing software, preferably screen-recording software with which you can create some tutorials or at the very least provide proof of your exploits as the sports bettor you’d be claiming to be.

Next, you’ll need to develop a betting strategy, because ultimately this is what you’re going to be selling as your primary offering. All you need to do is be consistent. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something which claims to be the ultimate winning strategy with a perfect record of winning bets and no losses. This is because such a perfect strategy doesn’t exist, which is why so many buyers of betting strategy guides inevitably get disappointed.

Go for a refreshing angle while maintaining integrity, like perhaps analysing data around how often the underdogs win or where you go to get the biggest signup bonuses, etc. I know a pro sports bettor who is good at predicting scores up to a certain point in live sports matches, which can be used as an example of the angle which has you betting on platforms such as Sportnation, since it allows you to cash out on bets before the game concludes – while the match is still going on.

To complete the equation, you’ll need to isolate some monetization channels through which you’re going to generate an income that is derived out of the actions you encourage your audiences to complete. To name some; you can create an e-book or video series to sell, the buyers of which media will then gain access to some of the finer details of your sports betting strategy, like how you actually choose teams to place in-game bets on based on something like their first-half performances. You could also suggest some Football Betting platforms for them to attempt their newly-learned strategies on – there are some really popular ones out there such as Ladbrokes so that may be worth giving a go.

A more indirect way of monetization would be creating something like a YouTube video series where you discuss pre- and post-match statistics, perhaps ending the “show” off with some of your top sports betting picks. The monetization would then naturally come through the Google Ads which are to be placed within and beside your videos, but the important thing is the content which you produce.

Be honest and you’ll build up a high-converting audience very quickly.