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Creative Home Designs in 2021

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 16

With many of us spending more time than ever at home over the past year, creating a cosy space to spend time in has been more desirable than ever before. A lot of us have decided to give our living space a well needed refresh, putting our spare time into a home makeover and adding small touches to bring our interior more up to date.

Whether you are looking to add some small touches or are researching ‘architects near me’ to design a new extension for your family to enjoy, we’ve delved into a range of creative home ideas to help you think outside of the box and create a home to be proud of. Here are just a handful of our favourite creative ideas to transform your space.

Throw in a touch of neon

A splash of colour can go a long way, uplifting your mood and brightening your space to inject some energy. Over the past year, searches for neon design ideas and neon lighting has increased massively, with people looking to brighten up a difficult year. We absolutely love LED light signs, with a range of unique shapes and neon colours available dependent on your style; neon signs create a powerful light which can completely transform the ambience of the room to create a cosy place to relax in the evenings or set the mood for a night of partying.

Take a step back with Grandma chic

Although those frilly curtains and floral carpets are signature signs you’re at Grandma’s house, many millennials are bringing these sentimental styles into their own homes. There has been a rise in demand for what was recently considered old-fashioned, with homeowners on the hunt for vintage prints and unique textiles. Why not take a trip to your local car boot sale or second hand shop to see what vintage furniture you can get your hands on? There’s nothing like an upcycling project to keep you busy at home!

Be at one with nature

Since we have been limited when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, many people have opted to bring the outside in. In such a fast-paced world, transforming your home into a calming space with features from your favourite nature spots can bring you back to a state of relaxation. We are absolutely loving pale marble surfaces and wooden furniture filled with unique grains and character, brightening up the room and bringing plenty of personality. If you are on a budget, why not head down to your local beach to hunt for some driftwood and seashells for your next project?

Turn your garden into a tropical paradise

With holidays off of the cards for many of us, make the most of your back garden and host your family and friends in style. Big leafy plants and drooping greenery are a must-have, filling your outdoor space with character and even giving you some more privacy from surrounding households. To make you feel like you’re on your summer holidays, we love hanging lights and outdoor fire pits for creating an ambiance all night long.