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Creative ways for children to learn a new language

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 28

If you are encouraging your child to be bilingual, it isn’t always fun and games. Or is it? Below are a few ideas on creative ways to get your child engaged in a new language. From Art projects to sing a longs! Keep things interesting and be sure to be positive and encourage your child at all times, this is the key to success.


Flash Cards

Flashcards are a great way to engage your child because can create fun little games with them. You can use things like flash cards that come in various languages like german, spanish, arabic and french to name a few, to create fun games for your child that are bound to entertain. Why not include small rewards to help them along?

If you’re feeling creative then have a go at making the flashcards yourself. You could even get the kids to help and make that part of the learning. Or, if you would rather, you can buy premade resources like French Flashcards that will save you time and be laid out in a way that makes learning fun.


Art is a great way to get your kids excited and engaged in a variety of activities to reinforce different vocabulary. Your kids can draw pictures independently or with your help, but if they are alone you should monitor them and encourage them to talk about what they are drawing. You could ask them “what colour are you using?” or “what are you drawing?” and ask them to respond in their second language.  


Singing Songs


Songs are a brilliant device to help your child learn new vocabulary and the internet is a wealth of different song ideas. The best time to use song, is after a vocabulary has already been introduced, to help reinforce it. Some songs are simple, perfect for using the same day or the same week that your child has been introduced to this new vocabulary.


Don’t limit yourself to just singing these songs – use them as a way to get your kids engaged and participating. You could pause mid sentence on a word and ask your child to fill in the gap. You could also make some fun gestures and dance moves to go along with the song. You could even draw a picture with your child to illustrate the song you are listening to. Lastly – make a musical instrument with your child so that they can play along as they sing!


This can be a great way to remember new languages. You can use labelling around the house or with photographs. If you are trying to teach your child different names of the different things they interact with or different things around the house, creating labels with them can be a fun way to get them speaking! Once you create the labels you could even laminate them and use them for all sorts of games – from treasure hunts to memory games.

You could also use photographs with labeling. You could find photographs of different objects or scenes that you have covered with your child and make labels together, then encourage your child to match them up. If they get it wrong, help them in the right direction. Praise is key. This will keep your child engaged and happy.