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Creative Ways of Landing more Business

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 28

Well, many of you who are going read through these proposed ways of landing more business may conclude that they’re not creative at all, but given the nature of the business environment these days, implementing these strategies makes for somewhat of a radical step. Furthermore, you need to apply a little bit of your own creativity to them, so that’s essentially where the creative part of the equation comes into play.

After all, nobody can relay to you a step-by-step strategy, blueprint or plan and then call it creative if it is being copied in this way. It’s only creative at the level of being deployed by the person who created it.

Nevertheless, when times could be better or indeed if you’re just seeking to take your business to the next level in sales, here are some strategies you can implement creatively.

Tailor your service to a specific, local market

The globalisation power of the internet has the downside of encouraging people in business to think too big, too quickly. Start with your local market first and tailor your services to people you can easily reach and interact with on a daily basis.

Do joint ventures

Identify other businesses which would lose absolutely nothing by adding your product or service offering to their existing offer. Aim for complementary businesses, such as how if someone is booking holiday accommodation and you’re perhaps an activities sales agent, do a joint venture with the property-booking platform and have them offering your service as an extra.

Create a referral programme

Depending on which market you’re in and which product or service you’re selling, a referral programme could very well even be better than a joint venture. Basically you compensate people for referring clients to you, which is a great model to take on to try and land more business since some people who go on to sign up to your affiliate programme may be extremely gifted in sales. Most online vendors already have affiliate programmes and there’s a very good reason for this – it helps boost sales.

Demonstrate unwavering faith in your product or service delivery

This is perhaps the best form of drawing in some business from clients who perhaps have many options to choose from, which inevitably means they would have had less of a chance of noticing what you have to offer, let-alone finally settling with you as the product seller or service provider. So what you do is show some unwavering faith in your product or service, but in a way that doesn’t cost you anything – neither as far as the bottom line goes nor the time, money and effort you put into the campaign to advertise this offer.

So to make use of a real-world example, as a Fort Wayne workers compensation lawyer, Delventhal Law has a policy which has you as their client paying nothing until they actually win the case for you! That’s a perfect example of how this demonstration of faith in their offering takes nothing away from them as a company and from the client too, sure to grab the attention of many more prospects.