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Creativity in the Modern Age

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 28

In the 21st century, there are plenty of ways for creativity to leave its mark on people. Gone are the days when painting and drawings ruled the roost in the world of artists, the classical ways of portraying art have been experienced too often and now, artists have to leave their mark on the world in new and creative ways.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to be a stand out artist in the modern world. This article iss going to go through some of the ways unconventionally creative businesses and people have left their mark on the world.

Artists on the Internet

It’s not easy for modern artists to be seen in this day and age. The entire world is saturated with people thinking that their art form is the one that’s going to change the world. And don’t get me started on the internet. The internet is a great thing, don’t get me wrong, it’s opened up the entire world’s eyes to a plethora of new experiences and has connected thousands of people in ways never imagined.

However, along with this broadening of everyone’s horizons comes the major danger of people getting lost in the noise. Sites like DeviantART have become an incredible hunting ground for original and unusual art and offers a platform for these artists to be seen and discovered.

Bringing Art Back into Reality

However, lots of brands and artists are taking advantage of the saturation on the internet and are turning their heads back to physical art to be found and appreciated.

Not all of these modern artists are using typical methods to be seen. There have been plenty of examples of modern art that are technologically advanced and a marvel to admire. The most intriguing ones are exhibitions and conferences with a trade show display for every stall that’s exhibiting.

These can be really fascinating to observe, especially if there has been plenty of thought and creativity that has gone into these displays. Lightboxes and custom digital signage is a great way to really catch people’s eye.

Traditionally Digital Art

As well as artists trying new and wild things to be noticed, there are those that are taking advantage of the technology that has been developed in order to improve their methods and create beautiful pieces of art that use the tools that modernity has given them.

There are plenty of gadgets that have been created with the sole purpose of advancing art. Gadgets like the Adonit Pixel Stylus Pen which can help make digitally beautiful images from your iPad.

What Can You Do as an Artist?

Maybe all of this talk of getting lost in the abyss is scaring you off the notion of becoming an artist at all – don’t be afraid!

In fact, it’s the complete opposite. If you’ve got an art portfolio that’s specific to a certain niche and is genuinely good, then there will be a corner of the internet that is just waiting for you. There will always be someone that is going to be appreciative of your art.