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Current Interior Design Trends

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 12

In the interior design world, 2017 is distinguishing itself as a year of beauty and amazing variety. The latest trends point toward refreshing color, mixed and matched textures and an eclectic aesthetic that makes homes look comfortable and relaxed. 2017 is also a great year for everyone who enjoys bargain hunting, DIY home makeovers and unusual decor. Knowing what to look for while you’re out shopping can help you bring your home up to normal interior design codes.

Bright Colors

In 2016 and in years earlier, white and gray were the preferred colors for home interiors. Now bright colors are making their way back! Shades like avocado green, hunter green, navy blue and rose blush are having their impact on family rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms and kitchens all over. Not sure how to integrate these shades into your current interior design? Pick one color and then choose two accent colors to accompany it. Building off of this simple color scheme can help you keep a room unified as you decorate.

Rich Textures

Rich textures make a room look touchable, luxurious and fun. Mixing and matching textures is an easy way to keep the eye moving around the room and looking at various focal points. Examples of different types of textures that homeowners are using in their home’s interior design include raw wood, velvet, un-polished stone, shag carpet, faux fur and silk. Homeowners who would like to use rich textures in their home’s interior design are advised to touch everything before making a purchase and to spread the textures throughout the room to avoid a concentration in one spot.

Mixed Patterns

Mixed patterns make rooms casual and fun. In 2017, mixed patterns can be found on the walls, in the furniture and even on the floors of the home. Patterns can be juxtaposed right up against one another or can be spread out throughout the room. Mixing patterns can be a challenge, because it forces homeowners to look for patterns that can be paired up without clashing. Don’t bother to look for patterns that match; the purpose is to make them look random and interesting, which flies in the face of matching.

Space Efficiency

With the invention of tiny houses, some homeowners are turning their focus to space efficiency within the home. Folding appliances, hidden storage spaces and built-in appliances are all excellent examples of the type of furnishings that homeowners are seeking in 2017. Look for furniture pieces that do double duty (beds that transform into couches, for example), so you can have rooms and spaces that serve multiple functions within your home.

Reclaimed and Locally Sourced Materials

Going green is big in real estate, and reclaimed materials like reclaimed wood and refinished pieces of furniture definitely have their place in the home in 2017. So do locally sourced materials, like hand made locally created blankets, dishes, baskets and more. Not only do these items have personality and even a little history, but they’re also good for the environment and local economy. In other words, buying local and buying reclaimed items makes your home more attractive and helps you give back to the place where you live.

Faux Finishes

Faux finishes like faux marble, faux tiles and faux wood all have a Bohemian quality that can make a room seem like a hodge podge of creative design. Using faux finishes on your walls, furniture and even on your floors is an affordable way to make your home richly textured and interesting to see.

Keeping up with current design trends can be a challenge, but by keeping up with wide-reaching trends, your updates won’t have to be happen so often compared to those who buy in to very niche fads.