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Easy Tips For Setting Up A Home Office

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 28

Setting up a home-based office needn’t be daunting. In fact, with just a few tips and tricks, it can be a rather fun and stimulating experience. And the best part is that we get to design our office space exactly how we want it – it’s ours to do with as we please, after all.

Here are some great tips for setting up the perfect space for being productive and successful from an office based in the comfort of home.

Dedicated Is The Word

The most important thing about any home-based office is that it should be a space specifically dedicated, or set aside, or work and being productive. Creating a separate and distinct area in the home specifically for work will help keep home hustle and bustle out of the domain of running a business from home.

What works well for an office based at home is a spare bedroom or study – a room with a door that can be closed, and ideally a room that has been declared off-limits to anybody not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Ambiance And Lighting

Not everybody realizes the importance of good quality lighting. What’s more, even fewer people are aware that even a business should have its own unique ambiance. When looking to be productive and comfortable in a space even for hours on end, environment is everything.

Lighting should preferably be from a natural source, but since not everybody has the luxury of large windows and natural ambiance, this will oftentimes have to be created in some other way. Of course, you could even consider your own style and have colorful lighting as that can make your office feel more to your style. Just remember that if you are having a video meeting then bright white-yellow lighting is the most professional look. If you need to brighten yourself for a video call, you can get face illuminators that can make it appear as though you’re in natural light. Investing in good-quality lighting solutions is probably the best investment any home-based office owner will ever make. Look for green options that are low energy but offer bright light.

Keeping It Clean

When setting up an office space at home, keeping it uncluttered and clean is best. This refers not only to the actual absence of dust, dirt, and things generally standing about, but more specifically to the actual layout and design of the space.

Keeping your home office free of clutter will help you to organise your day-to-day activities in a more orderly and organised way. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Purpose Is Everything

The exact layout and design of your home office should be determined by what it is you plan to do there, i.e., the nature of your specific business. And if you are going to use it after hours to play real money pokies or other games, this need to be considered too.

A good rule of thumb is to draw up a list of the furniture and fixtures typically required for a similar type of business in a corporate rental space. A desk and a couple of good-quality chairs, for example, will nearly always remain a requirement. An industrial coffee maker, on the other hand, wouldn’t usually be part of a home-based setup.

Drawing up a list of the usual requirements will go a long way to help organise your thoughts around what it is you’ll need to successfully run your home-based business in a way that is both productive (good for business!) and comfortable in a way that will suit your specific needs.