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Elementor Review : a website builder for WordPress

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 3

What Is Elementor?

If you want a free, open-source, and fast webpage builder, then you might try WordPress Elementor. It was introduced in the year 2016 and is one of the best design playgrounds you can consider for your WordPress website. Read here about elementor reviews.

It turns a basic WordPress editor into a live front end editor without switching from editor to preview mode. It listed more than 2 million active installs in Google Play and the best option for someone who’s looking for drag and drop page builder. For a real-time preview, an easy drag and drop of elements, and editing designs, Elementor is the right choice for you.


  1. Drag and drop customization- you can customize your design and make that a dun memorable experience for your audience. Perfect for designers who want a fine-tune details editor.
  2. Live Editing- you can make changes in an instant. The viewing and styling webpage has now become real-time.
  3. More than 300 plus designer-made templates available –you can choose a variety of creative and unique designs and match it with the industry and need.  
  4. AutoSave- no need to worry about saving your designs. Our work is backed up and saved automatically, so everything is smooth and continuous.
  5. Dark Mode- this feature allows you to save power and protect vision as you work on your device.

Pro’s And Con’s

There’s no doubt that Elementor helps designers to create awesome websites as it gives you the power to build webpages from scratch. Simple and Easy.

Thanks to Elementor as you don’t need to do everything yourself, just a few clicks, drag and drop, edit and share then voila! But most software is not that hundred percent perfect. There could be some bad and good sides to using them. Here are some of the pros and cons of Elementor reviews.


Elementor boosts many template libraries that you can choose from as you can insert easily and play along or import if you want. Another good thing about Elementor is that it comes for free and you can choose from a wide variety of themes and templates plus it stores data in meta, so it does not require many shortcodes.

The platform itself is also user-friendly so that even non-designers can use it with zero skills. Elementor is also flexible in terms of allowing the new widget to be easily added using a third-party developer or just a simple add-on when it comes to creating compelling sites.

Elementor is more than just a drag and drop builder which cannot access plug-ins that produce next level web pages. You can easily match the quality of a website made by a great web design agency.


Custom widgets give more complex designs, but being advanced and flexible is still worth a try. Another CON for Elementor is that you cannot edit it directly, and themes experience some minor bugs. Also, some plug-in combinations are not working. Some say that many of the best versions are only available on a paid version and no default editor. Though you can still do some of the free version, it is still not the same as the paid ones.

There are also times that you need to check which plug-in is conflicting and you need to log-out and log back in again on the interface to refresh everything, and this has become annoying on the users’ end. Also, another review is saying that it is impossible to get medium to large size because Elementor is very heavy and takes some time to load, making it very slow to work on it.


Elementor comes with a free version and a PRO edition. If you are happy working on a basic page, then you can work with the free version and still do the next level post. You need to be creative in choosing the best theme for your website. However, everything does not come for free. If you would prefer stunning and pretty much unique and beautiful posts, then you may subscribe to their PRO edition and pay for an annual fee to keep your post seemingly one of a kind far from the rest.

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Elementor is a very useful tool for WordPress builder, and the fact records that millions have been using this is already a clear indication that it has built a good reputation for users. It is a great website builder for professional web creators and a venue to create top-notch designs available for free. It allows everyone to make an original looking post, and it does not require any HTML/ CSS/ coding skills to complete your webpage themes.

Elementor designs are impressive, and you can find a nice selection of theme libraries that any other WordPress builder does not offer. As for Divi Builder and Beaver Builder, they have kept the competition running as they all continue to develop a page builder market available for everyone who needs their help. It may just be up to users’ preference on which is the best among the three.