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Exploring the So-Called Big Brother Industries

Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 3

Allow me to make a football analogy if I may in reference to the classic number-6 position, which is that which is occupied by a central midfielder? That’s a very important position because often it’s occupied by players who aren’t bright-shining stars in particular, but remove a good central midfielder from a good team and suddenly you realise that something major is missing.

It’s a case of missing the super important cog only when it’s gone, but when it’s there and doing its job well you don’t even realise it’s there. I could go into some player-specific examples, but this isn’t a post about football, so we’ll leave it at the general level with the analogy.

What I’m leading into is a discussion of the so-called big brother industries which resemble that classic footballer who plays the number-6 role. These are industries which are very important to the profitable running of pretty much any business, but their importance is often taken for granted because when things are running along smoothly you don’t even realise you’re interacting with those industries.

Business-facing tech

Take the tech infrastructure away from pretty much any business operating in this day and age and you pretty much kill the entire business! That’s how important business-facing tech is as one of the many big-brother industries.

The finances

How much business would you effectively lose out on if the only method through which you could be paid by your clients and customers was cold, hard cash? We take something like a bank account for granted, along with the account number it comes with, but these are majorly important parts of any business which has been operating at any time during the last century. A very important big brother industry indeed.


We bring technology together with the financial sector here and we get financial technology as a very important big-brother industry driving all business. Think online banking structures for the likes of EFT payments as well as all the physical and digital infrastructure which goes into the operation of something like a Point of Sale unit. POS systems are really growing amongst businesses that want to help improve their functionality and customer services. As an example, dispensaries can use a pos debit system to help avoid the issue of only being able to accept cash due to legal banking reasons. Instead, they can use the POS to take debit card payments in a legal manner which is convenient for both the dispensary and customer.


The unsung hero of any business is indeed administration. Admin is often underrated in its importance to the operation of businesses because of the fact that sometimes start-up business owners take on administrative tasks themselves, which often make for a serious source of irritation for them.


If you were privy to some information akin to a heat-map of all the enterprises which frequented the offices of legal firms such as the H1 Law Group, then you’d be forgiven for thinking that actually it’s the legal practitioners who are running all kinds of different businesses. Not all enterprises have representatives who physically go to the offices of the lawyers though, with some just making repeat use of their services remotely or via the telecoms lines.

It makes sense that law makes for one of the main big brother type industries though, simply because pretty much all business activity has to operate within some kind of legal framework.