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Festival Alterations

Martin Castilla            No comments            Nov, 14

When it comes to altering your outfits, there is no better time to do this than when you are attending a festival or concert. It is the prime time to show off your artistic and creative side and have one final use for those worn out clothes that have been filling your wardrobe for years. Costumes and outfits have become an important part of music culture for both fans and artists. Different styles and outfits can highlight your own particular taste and flavour in music and most importantly its extremely fun to do especially when you have your friends involved and you can have some group outfits. This is both fun and helpful as it will be quite easy to find your fellow Smurf’s in a large crowd of people. The most entertaining bit about outfits is the use of mundane items to help amplify your overall look. Standard customs are to common now and it’s important to throw in your own gimmick so you can stand out that bit more. Let’s check out some random items that can be added to any outfit to show it off:


Trust me these are both useful and fun to play with at festivals especially in countries prone to rain. If you are going to carry one, you might as well alter it. Buying a cheap umbrella and attaching some tinsel, coloured string or drawings to the top of them can be fun and add some character to an otherwise dull item which you have to carry with you anyway.

Fanny packs

If you are carrying a fanny pack to take care of your belongings you can also make it an art piece to add your outfit. Depending on what you have decided to dress as you can purchase dye the fanny pack to match the outfit. Tie dying is always a good option and helps to create some fun colours to any piece pf clothing. If all else fails add some stickers or patches to make it stand out.


Everyone likes funny socks especially if they are used to complete a costume. They can be lingerie, gimmicks for particular outfits or part of the overall look, think of nerdy guy with long socks or ballerinas. The more adventurous can use their socks as alternatives to other items of clothing. Many items can be rearranged for other uses, sock bags, sock gloves or sock hats are always a fun option.


Definitely a must have with almost any outfit is the correct hat. You could be the mad hatters, some 1920’s gangsters or the Smurfs but the correct thing to complete this outfit is the right hat. Even if you don’t want to do a complete outfit funny hats are always something to have when at a concert, they can be simple yet effective.

Not everyone has an artistic streak but for those that do,costume design is one of the most fun aspects of any festival. Hopefully some of these ideas might help you with your next choice.