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Freeing Up Your Time as the Rainmaker

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 28

We live in a time which sees us witnessing what is perhaps the biggest ever selection of so-called shadow industries, which simply entail people making a business out of trying to profit from industries they aren’t directly involved in. You know what I’m talking about, right? The blueprint for thriving in this shadow-market entails establishing yourself as an authority figure in a chosen niche and then making money out of selling services related to the core product or service. So you won’t necessarily be selling the product or service itself, but rather selling something like a collection of training programmes, courses, supporting material, etc.

I have my own reservations about this so-called shadow industries market, but I do think it can be legitimised through some kind of direct involvement, such s selling products and services as an affiliate. At least then you can claim to be involved on a level that has you opening yourself up to the same vulnerabilities as the market you’re targeting, instead of preaching to people that if they’re not succeeding then they’re simply not putting enough effort it.

For those who identify themselves as classic entrepreneurs, businesspersons or even self-employed individuals/professionals who are putting in an honest day’s work running operations which have them selling a tangible product or service, the one challenge you will undoubtedly be facing the most is that of finding more time to spend on the tasks that ultimately matter to the bottom line, such as rainmaking in particular. This is often something that’s almost always synonymous with those entrepreneurs who possess the technical skills to build the product or service they’re selling as part of their venture, such as internet entrepreneurs who also know how to code.

Another example is that of entrepreneurs who are in the real estate industry, which alongside something like running an online business through which products are sold, is perhaps the ultimate example of an income stream that is passive. Ask pretty much anyone in the world which passive businesses they’d like to get into and the most business-minded of these people will mention both technology and property.

As is the case with running a tech operation which sees you bootstrapping as a means through which to start up, with property management it’s very easy to fall back into the cycle of doing much of the actual, technical work yourself. Naturally this takes away precious time you could have otherwise spent just thinking of fresh ideas to implement as part of your growth strategy and as part of improving your value proposition, perhaps.

So the one thing you should do in order to free up your time and focus more on being a rainmaker is very challenging to do, but it must be done nevertheless. That is to rope in talent to come in on a specialist level along with automation. If I owned a few buildings for rent, for example, I would get City Property Management HOA Services to manage each of the Home Owners Associations, because that’s a specialist job that requires something of a full-time focus, leaving me to go hunting for more properties to acquire and more tenants to full them up with, perhaps.

So it’s a matter of spending more money on efficiency to save more of it later and contribute to a bigger bottom line.