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Fruit Slot Machine Cheats that Work

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 20

Slot machines are pretty much the most profitable games on the casino floor for both players and the casino. They would be fairly lucrative for cheaters too since there are lots of ways to cheat a slot machine that actually works. The thing to remember is that although these slot cheats might work, you’ll never – ever – get away with using them! Still, it’s fun to see the lengths that some people will go to to win some money. Some of these cheats are for online phone slots and some for traditional slot machines, but either way, using them is a very bad idea indeed! 

Cheat Code

Gambling authorities are there to make sure that the gaming industry is actually running fairly and correctly, and they don’t like it when people try to cheat. You might think this would mean there are no such things as cheat codes, but engineers design gaming devices to ensure that they are able to be fixed and maintained to ensure players are kept happy. This means cheat codes are required; they set the machine working in a certain way – usually with a winning combination – so engineers can make sure everything is as it should be. If a player were to get hold of a cheat code like this… well, you can imagine what would happen. 

Shaved Coins

The idea of a shaved coin might sound strange, but when it comes to cheating at slots, they can work wonders. As technology got better, light sensors were installed in slots to register any payment that was inserted. The optic sensor section of the slot was an entirely separate entity to the rest of the machine, and – importantly – from what is known as the physical comparator. This meant that you could effectively cheat using shaved coins, and this is how; if a shaved coin was inserted at the same time as a piece of metal that weighed the same as the real coin (and was the same shape), the shaved coin would be returned but the worthless piece of metal would register as payment. 

You’d not have paid anything, but you could still play. Watch out though; the eagle eye of the casino CCTV would quickly spot someone inserting cash, retrieving that cash from the tray, but still playing. 


Let’s get something clear: it is not really easy to cheat modern-day working day slot devices with a magnet, because they are all programmed by computer software program and are not magnetic. Nevertheless, folks used to have the ability to cheat with a magnet on earlier models, when they had been made of metal. To cheat at slots with a magnet, you spin the reels and then use a strong magnet on the outside of the machine to stop them spinning whenever you saw the winning combination. It’s not the most subtle cheat but if it was done right, it could potentially net a lot of money! 


This slots cheat is actually all about the strategy. A string is connected to a coin, the coin is used in the slot until the game is triggered, and then the player yanks the coin back up making use of the string. Nowadays, this particular method is actually all but redundant because of the new technology, but it worked very well for some people for a long time.