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Fun Ways to Waste Time Online

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jun, 19

It seems most of us, at least everyone under the age of 60 spends an enormous amount of time online. What are we all doing? Are we all productive all the time? Hardly.

Social media and YouTube are still growing in popularity, and sites like Buzzfeed and Lifehacker manage to eat into our time like hungry monsters.

But rather than taking a finger-wagging approach, I’ve decided to give into my time-wasting urges and indulge my online passions. Here are some of the most fun ways to waste time online.

Google Games

Have you ever typed “tilt” or “do a barrel roll” into your Google search bar? If you haven’t, do it right now! Google’s hidden features can give you hours of fun without you having to conduct a search. “Tilt” will not only tilt your screen view but also bring you to some of Google’s best games. In fact, there are plenty of games you can find and play online. Once you’ve completed the Google games, you might want to check out some GameQuarium reviews and head over to a gaming website where you can play hundreds of different games! You will never, ever get bored.

Social Media Scrolling

Social media scrolling needs no introduction, we all fall into the trap. No matter how irritating it can be to see distant acquaintances off on an exotic holiday, you’ve still got to take a look. Even though most social media posts are anything but interesting, we still get sucked in and get lost. Liking and sharing Facebook posts is also rather time-consuming, but hey, it often beats getting on with the doldrum of everyday work tasks. However, some social media can be blocked in certain countries, so it may be best to look into websites such as to see how you can work around this for you to keep on scrolling.

Gaming and Gambling

Online gaming and gambling are highly addicting, and gaming and gambling sites just keep on getting better. Playing a bit of Black Jack on the Red Flush online casino site or betting on a horse can be tremendous fun. You can play slot games at a secure online casino or try your hand at matched betting.

Playing against random people from across the globe offers a further attraction, and sometimes getting offline is just so very difficult.

Watching Fail Videos

Some people spend hours watching cat videos, others indulge in trillions of epic fail videos. The trouble with YouTube is that they keep on suggesting other videos and before you realize it, you’ve wasted an entire day.

Nonsense Sites

I bet you’ve tried sites like “cheese or font” if you haven’t please give it a try. There are millions of silly sites offering nothing but a completely useless way of spending your time. Most sites aren’t even fun but you still keep on going back!

News Updates

Some of us are addicted to news updates of all kinds. Regardless of whether you are reading celebrity gossip, keeping an eye on live sports scores or checking Twitter or even Reuters for news updates, news junky-ism is a serious problem. Most of the time, you could easily do without knowing all this useless information, however, continually checking any kind of news update is also rather addictive.

Did you know they now lecture on “internet time wasting” at university in the US? Believe it or not, you can now waste your time studying about silly ways to waste time online!