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Gambling Trends You Need To Know About

Martin Castilla            No comments            Feb, 10

The gambling world is growing at an alarming rate such that no one can really tell where it will be in a few years. What seemed like a waste of time and money, is now a multi-billion industry a lot of businesspeople want to get a piece of. And since the numbers are increasing day in day out, more and more people are seeking ways to boost their betting careers to a new level, hence the onset of trends. In this piece, we shall be looking at the two major gambling trends that currently run the game.

Situational trends

These are the trends based on the specific circumstances that occur within several betting arenas. Be it sports betting, horse race betting, novelty betting, or any other kind of gambling; situational trends have a big say. In the sporting industry, past results, and analysis of patterns referring to research play a significant role. This is how bookies decide on the likelihood of a team or individual winning their event and then express this as “odds”, like these ncaa odds, for example. These trends, however, run on a time-controlled phenomenon such that a specific thing has to have occurred more often than not to become a situational trend. For instance, the performance of the team being influenced after their key player has been subbed is one excellent example of a situational trend. You see, substitutions are common, and in as much as you cannot predict a player getting a sub, you can forecast a team’s performance based on the past times a sub happened.

Other examples of situational trends are home record against strong/weak teams, record after traveling long distances and history after a big win, among others. Since these trends require dedication and set time to grasp, using a site such as to make your analysis can help immensely.

Betting trends

This is the second significant trend that bettors use to wager. They are based on the volume of money being wagered on with bookies and betting sites. Basically, the rule of the majority runs this trend. But there exists a twist to this, instead of following the majority you bet against them. For instance, in a match between two big football teams A and B, and the majority are inclined in favor of team A, you wager on team B since the returns are advantaged if team B wins.

To level out the imbalances in the teams towards evens, the asian handicap is the type of bet that is often used by punters, especially in football, or as it is commonly known, soccer. This type of bet often provides to either of the teams a hypothetical advantage or a disadvantage.

These betting trends are driven by logic and a great belief in chance. Although one has to follow smart money by simply going against the public. When you bet following these trends, you have to bet small since the earnings are tenfold. This is to remain safe even if you do not win.


Trends show you that some things will be here for a while. And so if you would want to start winning big, you ought to get on board with these gambling trends and follow them to the later. You have to keep in mind that to be successful in anything, even gambling, you need to do your research, set time aside, and analyze a bet before placing a wager.