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Getting Awesome Results Using Email validation API

Martin Castilla            No comments            Oct, 5

Making sure you have good email addresses is critical for many business functions. Since email is sometimes the lifeline to clients and customers, it is important that they are legitimate. Various email validators exist, offering validation of emails, so the company is not becoming susceptible to harm and not wasting money.

Companies Offering Services

There are some companies on the market that will let you submit a limited amount of emails for free verification. However, you will have to subscribe to a company if you have ongoing email additions. By increasing the reliability of your emails, you increase your reputation. There is a way for a software to detect if emails are legitimate before sending them. This decreases the chance of being taken advantage of any harmful programs.

As a company, when you send out emails, especially marketing emails, you want them to go to the right people. Using an email validation API prevents email bounces which reduces wasted costs from your budget. Sometimes bad email addresses are malicious, but, other times it is simply the result of a typo. An email validation API can help you tell the difference between good emails and bad emails. Furthermore, a validator can let you customize your grammar rules, which can help determine if the email is legitimate.

Addresses Evaluated

Addresses which are evaluated by these programs look for aliases, abandoned email addresses, and SMS addresses. Another kind of email that is evaluated is what is known as role addresses. Role addresses are made up of the name of a department, rather than to an actual person. These emails strive to go to numerous people at one time. For instance, if you have an email of, it can go to anyone. As a business, you want emails going to specific people. You do not want emails going to an inbox that is unmanned or does not have any authorization to the subject matter. Using these role addresses is a bad business practice and can lead to damage to the reputation of your company. It can also open a business to threats of viruses and malware. Furthermore, some marketing campaigns will not accept lists that have these kinds of addresses in them.

Using an email validator can help a business avoid the pitfalls of bad email addresses. Protecting a company from these kinds of threats by using an email verification program can be a worthwhile expense. The validator will increase the number of successfully delivered emails and promote the business a company wants to reach.

So, using an email validator can provide many benefits to a company. However, especially if it is a program that will (and should) continue, it is advisable the company subscribes to a service that can help them in the ways they deem appropriate. It can help hone marketing campaigns and help ensure emails are reaching the people they were intended to meet. So, if a company needs help with emails, they should certainly research their options and choose one that is right for them.