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How can you benefit from using a gas hob?

Martin Castilla            No comments            Apr, 30

With the increasing popularity of electrical appliances, induction plates have become a common choice. However, the gas hobs have many staunch supporters. What are the advantages of gas solutions?

Not that long ago, the gas hobs were an irreplaceable element of the modern kitchen. However, it’s been gradually replaced with electric solutions. In some ways, it’s an upgrade since you don’t need two separate circuits. Considering that all the other household appliances – from fridges to dishwashers – are powered with electricity, having gas deliveries just for the hob may seem a missed idea.

However, the gas hob can bring you various benefits. No wonder that many kitchen owners refuse to switch to electric solutions, knowing what they’d lose. What are their main advantages?

The benefits of using the gas hob

The passionate house chefs would agree that using an electric stove makes cooking harder at times. For example, burning the onion and other ingredients to make the broth more aromatic is only possible on the gas one. Also, using a gas hob makes it easier to control the level of heating, and thus, the temperature of the dish. In some recipes, this kind of precision is essential to success, and an electric stove that has just a few levels of heating won’t provide you with it. It’s an entirely different cooking experience to see that fire and regulate it the way you need.

The separate circuit also has its advantages. Even during a power outage, you still can cook with your stove. That’s particularly important in remote areas, in mobile homes and households that use mainly renewable energy. Gas provides you with much more independence than electricity.

Now it’s time for the last two, more subjective advantages. First – the gas hobs simply look great! You can find beautiful retro variants on the market. They add an extra touch to the kitchen design, remaining fully functional at the same time. And second – some say that it makes everything taste better! Well, this one is really relative, but we thought it’s worth mentioning.

How to choose a good gas hob?

When choosing a gas hob, remember about paying attention to the materials – they should be resistant to humidity and high temperatures and easy to clean at the same time. 

If you choose the built-in gas hob, you can save a lot of space. In small kitchens, where every square meter is like gold, this kind of solution will work perfectly.

To provide yourself with maximum safety, select the variants with a system of blocking the gas outlet at the moment the fire goes down. 

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