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How reviews can help you generate more sales

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 21

A major goal of every business is to generate more sales. From the moment we start the business, we hope that the business will continue to grow daily and that our monthly sales, revenue, and profit will always be more than the last. However, the only way to achieve this is when there is a lot of efforts by the business owners. One of the very effective efforts the business owner must take is to collect reviews and ensure that the reviews are positive. The only way to do this is to satisfy their customers whenever they request a product or service and subsequently convince them to drop a review for them. Here are some of the ways reviews can help you generate more sales.

Convinces customers you are trustworthy
One of the major ways that reviews can help a business to generate more sales is by helping customers to know that a business is trustworthy. Imagine you are trying to buy a shoe and you have 3 online stores on your list. A simple check shows that the first company has over 1,000 reviews, a 4.9-star rating with more than 80 percent of the reviewers giving the company a 5-star review. The second company has no reviews or just have less than 10 reviews, most of which are positive as well. The third company, however, also has more than 1,000 reviews but has a 2-star rating, with more than 50 percent of the reviewers giving them a less than a 2-star rating. Chances are that you are going to patronize the first company. That is exactly why your customers should leave reviews for you every time they patronize them and they are satisfied with your service.

Helps you to know what customers things you are doing well
Another way customers help companies to generate sales is by helping them know what they are doing well. When most of your customers emphasize a particular thing you do when giving you great reviews, it is an indication that it is a major thing they like about your company, and one of the reasons they would keep coming back and also recommend their friends. Thus, reviews help you know what you must keep doing to keep your customers and attract new ones.

Helps you to know what customers think you are not doing well
On the other hand, reviews will also help you to know what you are not doing well. When you notice that a lot of your customers are complaining about a particular thing or a particular department in your business, then you need to investigate their comments along that line and fix it. Fixing it could make some of the people who have complained before but noticed the change to go and update their initial comments and rating. The implication is that customers will know that your company listens to them. A listening company is very attractive to most customers as they know that you are striving to meet their interests, even if the aim is to promote your interest in keeping them as customers.