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How The Internet Can Benefit Your Business

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jan, 28

The internet can be a wonderful resource for any business – and even more so when that business is an online endeavour. Data is a powerful tool for everything from market research to looking for specific help or information on a topic.

There are however certain things to keep in mind when using the internet within the context of the day-to-day running of your business. The internet has its strengths and its weaknesses, and there is a great amount of value to be found in knowing how to tell one from the other.

The Benefits Of The Internet

The benefits, or strengths, of the internet are too many to discuss in detail here. Even so, benefits you should be aware of include the following:

  • Information is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Modern-day access to the internet is fairly cheap in most developed countries, and there is a wealth of good quality information available completely free of charge.
  • The internet provides a valuable information-train. Not only are we able to access current information, but also most of what has ever been posted online since the advent of the age of information. This provides to the business owner a great deal of depth and insight not only in terms of current information, but also regarding how commerce has been progressing.
  • The internet covers an extensive geographic scope. There is today information to be found on the internet about just about every country and style of business being conducted around the globe. This makes of the internet a valuable resource to anyone and everyone – irrespective of where in the world you happen to be located. Plus, it can be used for fun too, such as playing at an online casino NZ.

The Downside

Just like everything else, the internet has a good side to it, but it also has a bad or downside. We like to refer to these as the internet’s weaknesses:

  • Coverage of certain subjects may be sparce and/or erratic. What we mean by this is simple: don’t just willy-nilly believe everything you read on the internet to be spot-on or true. Remember that the internet is a platform that is accessible by millions of people from all over the world. Always treat any information on the internet according to its own merits.
  • The internet remains, for the better part at least, predominantly bias toward the U.S. Although the internet remains strongly bias towards the United States, as more and more countries continue to get in line with the Internet of Things, this is thankfully beginning to change. Do however keep this in mind about the Internet – especially when conducting market research.

About Internet Surveys

Internet surveys are a great tool when doing localised market research. We’ve compiled a short list of things to keep in mind when drawing up a market survey for your specific business:

  • Limit the number of questions. Try to shoot for no more than a baker’s dozen. This will keep your target audience from losing interest and abandoning “survey ship”.
  • Try to avoid potential confusion.
  • Keep the use of language simple. This will help respondents to complete your survey in a more accurate and useful way.