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Martin Castilla            No comments            Sep, 19

The days when having a search engine optimized website was enough to keep you ahead of the competition are gone. If you’re not actively engaged in email marketing, you’re missing quite a lot out.

Automation matters especially when it comes to sending email sequences for marketing and sales purposes.

This guide deals with the issue of how to automate your email marketing with Email Drip Campaigns Email Drip Campaigns are essentially where the magic happens. The ultimate aim of using email drip campaigns is to assist you in automation and monitoring of your outreach, make your follow-ups more efficient, and pitch the product or service which you ultimately want to sell. Set the process of email marketing on autopilot, namely, find leads in a matter of minutes, build and send campaigns that will convert them into loyal clients, and monitor their performance.

Just so that you make sure you understand how things work at every step, we’ll provide you a step-by-step guide and share some relevant information on at the end of the article.

Email account setup

Sign up with Once logged in, proceed to setup an email account that is done by clicking the profile icon and selecting email accounts from the drop-down list and then hitting the Add button. There’s no limit on the number of email accounts that can be added.

Some technical specifications will need to be completed, such as the sender’s name to be attached to all your emails, the limit for the number of messages to be sent out per day, and a signature. You can do this in your Account Settings.

Building and Sending a Campaign

Go to the web application and select the Email Drip Campaigns tab and click the New drip campaign button. Once clicked, the interactive drag-n-drop campaign editor opens where you can start building your first campaign. It allows you to drag the campaign elements (email, trigger, delay, goal) in the sequence you need them, draw a line to connect two elements and thus create an outline to be populated with details thereafter.

Customize emails in the email sequences to your preferences and needs. Attach links, emojis, and files, format texts, customize emails with personalization variables, use HTML emails, take advantage of the email templates, and so much more!

Add triggers between two emails. Thanks to this element, the follow-up email will be sent only when the predefined action is performed (for example, the recipient opens the email or clicks the link inside it).

Insert the delay element between two emails or a trigger and an email to set a pause between two messages.

The trigger and delay elements will let your emails be sent in a truly personalized way. Moreover, you can schedule the campaign sending.

Monitoring The Campaign Performance

Launched campaigns can later be easily monitored by finding them in the Email Drip Campaigns tab. To view detailed analytics and statistics, simply click the campaign name.

The data you can view makes for some optimization gold for your email sequences because you get a numbers-based report on how well the campaign works. Having data on opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes, and other details on the recipients, you can come to a conclusion what can be tweaked to be improved. For instance, how do you follow-up on a lead that opened an email but didn’t click on the link you might have included?

A Quick Word on Prospects List Building claims to be ultimate in setting the standard in email campaign automation that is backed up by a streamlined solution that covers every aspect of the email sequencing process. The integrated prospect building tool is the solution for those who loves doing everything on their own. You can use their email hunter either as a web application or as a Chrome extension (both features are available for your convenience).

An easy-to-use browser extension allows you to surf websites for leads and add them to your lists of recipients without having to manually click through each link and try to find names and emails to copy and paste. It helps that this prospect info is “cleaned” and formatted in ways that include discarding duplicates and choosing how to handle email-sending campaigns that target prospects.

The True Value of

If you’ve ever had to commission an email marketing campaign, you can now see how profitable is. All the features are of true appreciation. Once and for all, you can forget about all the hard work as now, everything is simplified and streamlined. All the steps of email marketing appear to be quite a simple task of merely blasting out emails.

The’s Drip Email Campaigns sequencing functionality and all the features put into perspective just how much of a shot in the dark you might have. Anyway, you need to pay great attention to tiny details when composing emails. You might even need to learn how to use colors in email marketing as every color has a definite impact on people and you need to keep them in mind. Happy sending to you!