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How to boost your kerb appeal

Martin Castilla            No comments            Jul, 14

Whether you’re planning to sell or rent out your home, it is important that you make your property stand out. Although the saying goes never judge a book by its cover, potential buyers or tenants will inevitably make a first impression based on your property’s exterior. This could include anything from your front door and porch to your garden and flowerbeds. To ensure that you generate a lot of interest for your property, you should consider updating your exterior, which would also allow you to up the asking price.

Take a look at the following renovation tips which will help you transform your property and boost its kerb appeal.

Enhance your greenspace

When searching for a home, many people tend to focus on green space. If you have an expansive and well-looked after garden, your property will be a hit with homeowners, especially families with small children. Even if you don’t have a large garden, you could make some changes to ensure that your property remains attractive. To do this, you may consider adding a focal point like a dining area or even a water feature that will guarantee to catch the attention of a buyer. Another great way to enhance greenspace is by laying down fresh grass. Over time, if not looked after properly, the existing greenery and grass can become thin and scraggly, making the property look shabby. By laying new grass, the property can have a pop of colour and a freshly designed space. Of course, removing the old grass and greenery can be quite some task and it can create a lot of mess and waste. That’s why many homeowners who undergo this task decide to use the skip hire sydney has on offer. This way, all of the waste can be put together and disposed of in a professional manner. Plus, it stops the garden from being overrun with dead trimmings and soil.

If you own an apartment, more than likely, you will not have a garden to entice tenants, therefore you need to be more creative when updating your exterior. For example, leading property investment advisers RW Invest have several modern developments which feature communal gardens. These have proved popular with young professionals who are interested in contemporary apartments in the city centre. A communal garden gives tenants access to a relaxing space with comfortable furniture, attractive greenery which is perfect for both unwinding and socialising with neighbours. If you have any unused space surrounding your property, you could consider creating your own communal garden which will allow you to entice tenants and boost your prices.

Highlight your home

An effective way of attracting people to your property is by highlighting the main featureswith outdoor lighting. This could include framing your door with lanterns to create symmetry or placing landscape lights in your front garden to enhance your shrubs and flowers and create an idyllic style walkway. To ensure that this is effective, you should tend to your garden or hire a professional who will make sure that your plants and flowers look presentable. When updating your exterior, it is important to use colours which will not only tie all elements of the outside space together but should also utilise shades and designs from your interior to ensure that the entire property is designed cohesively.

Updating your exterior lights is also important for security purposes. You should consider replacing any faulty lightbulbs to enhance the light in the front of your home. If you feel you need brand new lights, you should consider purchasing sensor lights which only turn on when someone comes near the property. This will be attractive to buyers as security is one of the most important features they look out for when searching for a suitable home.